F1 Quickie (UPDATE): Force India to announce name change with new car announcement

Force India has clarified that it will indeed change its name for the 2018 season. The new name will be announced on February 25 along with the team’s new car.

Originally, the team was going to be rebranded as Force One but that name was deemed ineligible by the FIA as its abbreviation would have been too close to Formula One (F1).

The team is planning on dropping “India” from its title in order to distance itself from Vijay Mallya and the Kingfisher airlines.

Update (April 28): Despite earlier reports to the contrary, Force India did not in fact announce its new name with the new car reveal. However, the team has clarified that a name change is going to happen – most likely before the first race of the season. The team has not finalised the new name.