Robert Kubica serious about F1 return & Toro Rosso plans team-up with Honda

This week, the F1 teams have been running mid-season tests in Hungary. By far, Renault’s tests have attracted the most attention with none other than the 2006 – 2010 Polish driver, Robert Kubica, making his return behind the steering wheel after seven years. Kubica was a rising star in F1’s at the end of the 2000s, when a rally accident in 2011 unfortunately caused a major injury to his arm and legs. Particularly, his arm-injury prevented him from returning to F1s.

Since then Kubica’s been driving principally in various WRC-series with varying degrees of success. His most recent accolades include being the 2013 champion of WRC2 and winning the 2014 Jänner Rally race in Austria. In the Hungarian tests, Kubica has been clocking times comparable with Renault’s current driver Jolyon Palmer and Kubica now seems to be on the path to actually returning to Formula Ones.

You can only imagine how happy this makes me. Kubica was one of my favourite F1 racers and the Lone Pole was a very talented dude behind the wheel. I felt incredibly bad when he had to leave the sport so suddenly. Of course, Kubica is not yet signed with any team at the moment and while the afore-mentioned Palmer has had an underwhelming start to his F1 career, the Renault team has not confirmed that he’d be on his way out. Nothing would make me happier than seeing Kubica return though, so it’s nice to finally be able to hope again.

Meanwhile, F1 engine manufacturer Honda finally has some good news for their future. Honda’s three-year long journey with F1 mainstay team, McLaren, has been anything but glorious with McLaren having consistently been at the bottom half of the championship table for the past few years. Honda also struck out big time when Sauber, previously having signed to use Honda engines next year, backed out of the deal. However, Toro Rosso has now apparently sought a partnership with Honda. If TR signs with the Japanese constructor, this might prove to be important as rumours are abound that McLaren might switch to another engine supplier for 2018. As of this writing however, McLaren is still officially signed for Honda next season and Toro Rosso with Renault.