Mercedes Dominates Silverstone – British GP 2017

The British Grand Prix was another dull affair even with two Finns on the podium and a safety car session right at the start of the race. Most excitement was caused by the tyres popping on Ferrari’s cars.

The Top-10:

  1. Lewis HamiltonNo-one could challenge Hamilton, even during pitstops. A flawless race.
  2. Valtteri BottasDespite starting low due to a grid-penalty and suffering a slightly slow pit stop, Bottas gunned past the Ferraris with ease.
  3. Kimi RäikkönenThis is only Räikkönen’s third podium this year and he really had some good luck on his side. A few laps before the finish-line, his front tyre punctured and Kimi fell behind Bottas and his team-mate. However, his team-mate had the same problem occur with his car and thus Kimi earned back his podium albeit, dropping from 2nd to 3rd. Still, a great result for the iceman.
  4. Max Verstappen – Red Bull was on the ball during the race with Verstappen driving a near flawless race (despite a few close calls with Vettel at the start).
  5. Daniel Ricciardo – Danny boy had to start all the way from grid-19 so this result is beyond excellent. As mentioned, Red Bull was really on the ball in the British round.
  6. Nico Hülkenberg – For the first time since the Spanish round, The Hülk really brought the thunder in the race. If the Hülkster can keep this up, Renault may yet challenge Haas and Toro Rosso, both of whom are faltering big time at the moment.
  7. Sebastian Vettel – Vettel had been driving solidly in the top-5 for much of the race when Bottas gunned past him and his team-mate suddenly suffered a tyre puncture which meant that Vettel was nearly on the podium. However, on the second-to-last lap, Vettel also suffered a puncture which plopped him all the way back to 7th. A crying shame and unfortunately played right into Hamilton’s bag.
  8. Esteban Ocon – Force India drove an okay race today, but not much to say about it. Ocon defended admirably against the Hülk at the start but was forced to yield.
  9. Sergio Perez – Ditto for Perez, an okay but not spectacular result.
  10. Felipe Massa – Williams is really in a slump this season, so the fact that the Brazilian vet was able to even take one point in this round is good enough.

Golden Pineapple Award: Stoffel Vandoorne, McLaren

Vandoorne is, surprisingly, the seventh man to be inducted into the Pineapple Chart for this season and sadly was the only McLaren to finish today. Not much to say, McLaren’s tough times continue. Better luck in Hungary I suppose.

Drop-out count: 3

Jolyon Palmer‘s hydraulics failed already on the warm-up lap, leading to a new formation lap when his car wound up in a difficult part of the circuit.

Carlos Sainz was bulldozed out of the race by his team-mate. This also lead to a safety car session already for the first four laps. Yet another terrible weekend for Toro Rosso.

Fernando Alonso once again suffered from a technical failure.

Back of the Lot News:

Haas failed to score with either car for the first time since the season debuting race. If the Hülk’s performance this round is any indication, the team seriously needs to start shaping up. Kevin Magnussen was 12th and Romain Grosjean was 13th.

I have no idea what happened to Sauber today since they seemed to be getting close to the top-10 at one point. Marcus Ericsson was 14th and faster of the two, for all its worth.

Daniil Kvyat had yet another disappointing weekend, ramming off his team-mate from the circuit and getting a drive-through penalty for his efforts. Kvyat was 15th.

I have no idea what happened to Lance Stroll either who dropped all the way to 15th and second-to-last.

Dead Last: Pascal WehrleinI wish I had something profound to say about Pascal’s uncharacteristically weak finish but I don’t. This is the third time he’s been the last man standing and as a result has taken the last place crown. Here’s hoping for better luck in Hungary.