Eric Schwartz released a new Sabrina comic

Sabrina-Online has been one of my longest and consistent go-to web-comics, so you may understand that I was more than a little sad when Eric Schwartz formally ended the comic in July last year (with only a quick Christmas art-piece released around the holidays). However, it seems Mr. Schwartz isn’t letting Sabrina go completely as he’s released a new story “Baby Steps”.

Sabrina-Online is a web-comic with a long past having started all the way back in 1996 and was updated monthly on a consistent basis until July last year. Mr. Schwartz is well-known across the internet for his furry artwork as well as a huge Amiga fan-boy, and was the animator who created the opening for Team-17’s Amiga Cult Classic Superfrog. The guy has created other fun Amiga animations which you can find floating around YouTube.

Click here to read the new comic!!