Bottas leads the way – Austrian GP 207

After two exciting races, we unfortunately had a return to monotony in the Austrian GP, though I’m obviously happy about Valtteri Bottas’s second GP victory.

The Top-10:

  1. Valtteri Bottas – Bottas climbs on to the highest podium for the second time this season and during his career. If Bottas keeps this pace up, he’ll have a shot at being the dark horse candidate for this year’s championship. A flawless race where Bottas had to yield the race-lead only once to his countryman between pit-stops.
  2. Sebastian Vettel – Vettel was taken by surprise at the start, so much so that he accused Bottas of jumping the start. However, Vettel’s podium keeps him firmly in the points lead.
  3. Daniel Ricciardo – Another positive surprise, the Australian has achieved his fifth straight podium, leaving his much talked about team-mate far behind in the points. Good on you, Danny Boy.
  4. Lewis Hamilton – Hamilton had to start from Grid-8, but his 4th place finish is still a bit of a disappointment. However, Lewis was complaining about his car’s settings, so maybe this really was the best he could muster at Spielberg.
  5. Kimi Räikkönen – Kimi had the rotten luck of falling behind Hamilton between pit-stops which sealed this rather poor result for him.
  6. Romain Grosjean – No flies on the Frenchman, who keeps building up Haas’s excellent points results. Unless Toro Rosso regroup, the American team might have a chance of overtaking them in the points.
  7. Sergio Perez – After Azerbaijan fiasco, Perez drove another solid race, keeping Force India ahead of the game.
  8. Esteban Ocon – Ditto for Ocon.
  9. Felipe Massa – By far the most impressive results in this race came from Williams for whom this is the first time both cars are on points this season. Massa gave it his all, fighting from grid-17.
  10. Lance Stroll – Ditto for Stroll, who followed close behind his team-mate from grid-18.

Golden Pineapple Award: Jolyon Palmer, Renault

Palmer takes the lead on the Pineapple Chart with his third 11th place finish and still with no points to his name. I can’t blame Palmer for this poor result too much though, since he was actually able to beat his team-mate for once.

Drop-out count: 4

At the start, Max Verstappen‘s car stalled and he became the main victim of a chain of crashes caused by Daniil Kvyat who braked too late, hitting the back of Fernando Alonso’s car, who in turn rammed into Verstappen wrecking his car. Verstappen didn’t make it to the pits but Alonso did only to retire due to the damage caused to his cars.

The two other retirements were due to technical difficulties, with Kevin Magnussen’s hydraulics giving out and Carlos Sainz’s retirement completing Toro Rosso’s miserable race weekend.

Back of the Lot News:

Not only did Stoffel Vandoorne fail to bring more valuable points for McLaren but he also received a drive-through penalty for ignoring blue flags and was 12th.

I have no idea what happened to Nico Hülkenberg who could only muster a paltry 13th place.

The Sauber’s struggled badly with Pascal Wehrlein forced to start from the pits and landing 14th, still ahead of his team-mate Ericsson who was the second to last man on track.

Dead Last: Daniil Kvyat – Yet another race weekend the Racing Russki will want to forget. Toro Rosso had a miserable time and Kvyat must be really disappointed, having ruined his chances in the first corner. Kvyat received a drive through penalty for the Alonso-Verstappen crash, which was not really necessary considering he dropped way behind as a result as well.