Think Pink – Canadian GP 2017

The Canadian GP shook up things for once with a really exciting race almost all the way through. Exciting bouts were seen in the mid-lot as well as for positions in the Top-5 along with two safety car sessions (albeit one virtual).

The Top-10:

  1. Lewis Hamilton – Hamilton sailed to an easy victory after the disastrous Monaco round and keeps himself within a striking distance of Vettel, who suffered from bad luck this round.
  2. Valtteri Bottas – Equally easy was Bottas’s defense of his second place after the start, even if the Force Indias held positions in the Top-3 for a long while.
  3. Daniel Ricciardo – Despite Red Bulls incredibly lack of reliability this is already the Australian’s third straight podium finish.
  4. Sebastian Vettel – Vettel’s front wing was damaged by Max Verstappen on the start and eventually two pit stops set him behind the Force Indias. However, thanks to some internal rumbling between the drivers, Vettel was able to catch up and climb back into the Top-5.
  5. Sergio Perez – Perez’s actions during the race can be seen one of two ways. On one hand, the Mexican driver definitely ruined Force India’s chances of getting both cars in the top-5, the same as in Spain. At the same time, I can’t fault Sergio for not wanting to follow team orders and swapping positions with Ocon to give him a crack at Ricciardo. I’ll err slightly on the side of saying Perez is vindicated of any wrong-doing though in earnest, he wouldn’t have risked much by letting Ocon past (considering his points lead over the Frenchman).
  6. Esteban Ocon – There is a part of me that wanted to see Ocon go head-to-head with Ricciardo. Even though it’s not his best result, Ocon definitely fought for his position, even making a daring overtake attempt on his team-mate. Well done, Esteban. Maybe next time.
  7. Kimi Räikkönen – Räikkönen had a hell of a time. He had a bad start, nearly hit the wall on the first lap, then went wide and was struggling with an error message flashing on his steering wheel. This is a weekend Kimi probably wants to forget as he was admittedly not at his best.
  8. Nico the Hülk – We finally saw some decent fight from the Hülkster who had to defend himself against one eager Canadian who wanted to finally fight his way to points. A solid drive even if Nico has done better this season.
  9. Lance Stroll – Stroll, who has had quite the pathetic opening to the season, has finally scored his first championship points and in his home race none the less. Stroll finally showed serious fight and it absolutely paid off. Stroll finally battled his way out of the zero-points club excellently.
  10. Romain Grosjean – Grosjean was involved in the big crash on the first lap but suffered only a broken front-wing. Another point for Haas for all its worth.

The Golden Pineapple Award: Jolyon Palmer, Renault

Palmer and Renault had yet another so-and-so race. Not much to add, aside the fact that Palmer is now leading the Pineapple Chart.

Drop-out count: 5

On the very first lap, Carlos Sainz pulled in front of Romain Grosjean who crashed into him sending the Spaniard into a spin which took out Felipe Massa. As mentioned above, Grosjean walked away with only a broken front-wing while Sainz received a penalty. The crash led to a safety car session lasting until Lap 4.

Max Verstappen had another technical failure as did Fernando Alonso. This was super disappointing for both as Verstappen had an excellent start which could have resulted in a podium. Alonso was also driving really well could have nabbed valuable points for McLaren (who’ve yet to reach the scoreboard this season). Verstappen’s car was also parked in a way that caused a Virtual Safety Car to be deployed for Laps 11 – 14.

Daniil Kvyat had a hell of a race. His car froze on the starting grid, but he was able to take off and join the pack during the warm-up lap. However, he was given a drive-through penalty for doing so. Late in the race, Kvyat’s pit stop was completely fumbled do to his rear-right tyre not connecting properly. Kvyat finally retired either due to a technical reason or because of falling behind so much.

Back of the Lot News:

Kevin Magnussen didn’t have a good time as he received a 5 second penalty, having overtaken during the safety car. He also got bested by both Kvyat and the Hülk which must have not felt very good.

Marcus Ericsson didn’t accomplish anything new, neither did McLaren’s second driver and second-to-last driver in this round, Stoffel Vandoorne.

Dead Last: Pascal Wehrlein – Wehrlein ties Stroll for the number of last places (though still has double the amount of his points). I won’t blame Pascal for this poor showing too much as he had crashed his car in qualifying and was forced to start from the pits with a new car.