Ferrari takes the lead – Monaco GP

A pretty much perfect race for Ferrari at Monaco also pushed them to the lead of the constructors’ championship. One safety car was seen but all around it was another rather dull race.

The Top-10:

  1. Sebastian VettelTook the lead after the pitstops. I feel bad for Kimi, but Vettel drove flawlessly so he deserved it.
  2. Kimi RäikkönenLead the first half of the race with no-one coming near him.
  3. Daniel RicciardoRicciardo lands on the podium for the second race in a row.
  4. Valtteri Bottas – Bottas couldn’t quite shake the Red Bulls despite gaining a respectable lead on them. However, on his pit-stop, he stayed in his pit for maybe a second too long which allowed Ricciardo to get past him.
  5. Max Verstappen – Another okay race. Verstappen couldn’t seem to challenge Bottas in a serious fashion.
  6. Carlos Sainz Jr. – A solid drive from the Spaniard which actually saw him outrun a world champion.
  7. Lewis Hamilton – As there wasn’t a lot of overtaking at Monaco this year, Hamilton’s grid-penalty (and an already poor starting position) were quite disastrous. This is only Hamilton’s second non-podium finish, so let’s see if he can bring it Canada.
  8. Romain Grosjean – Haas seems to finally be getting into the swing of things with both of their drivers on points for the first time this season and with the team matching Renault in points. A good drive from the Frenchman.
  9. Felipe Massa – Massa continues being the only scoring man at Williams. This race’s result wasn’t anything worth bragging about but it’s helping the team to stay within a striking distance of Toro Rosso.
  10. Kevin Magnussen – The Dane brings Haas points for the second time this season. This is a positive thing since Kevin’s season’s been quite underwhelming so far.

Golden Pineapple Award: Jolyon Palmer, Renault

Palmer has yet to have scored points this season but at least he’s now been Best of the Rest. With the Hülk’s gear-box failing, Renault really would have needed Palmer to step up. However, there was a critical lack of overtaking in the race so I suppose this is the best Palmer could do. He’ll soon have to step up his game if he hopes to stay in Renault for long.

Drop-out count: 6

Nearly matching the season opening round for retirements, sadly most came from rather pointless reasons.

Daniil Kvyat was rammed into a wall by Sergio Perez who also ruined his own race in the process. Nico Hülkenberg‘s gear-box blew out. Stoffel Vandoorne and Marcus Ericsson both rammed into the wall after losing control of their cars.

The most intense accident was seen towards the races end when Pascal Wehrlein and replacement driver Jenson Button collided. Wehrlein’s car hopped on its side after going over Button’s left front tyre (the suspension of which was totalled) and his car wound turned 90 degrees on its side against the circuit barrier. As Pascal was buried, the incident looked dangerous, but in the end he was able to exit his car without incident once it had been flipped back the right way around. A safety car was deployed for laps 60-66 due to the incident.

Back of the Lot News:

If it was a bleak day for Sauber and McLaren, things weren’t much better for Force India, who for the first time this season finished a race with no points. For Esteban Ocon he couldn’t do anything since he suffered a tyre puncture early on which set him way behind the pack. Still, he landed 12th and ahead of his team-mate Sergio Perez who stupidly crashed into Daniil Kvyat and ruined his own chances. Were it not for one other driver, he would have been easily the biggest loser of the race.

Dead Last: Lance Stroll – Only two drivers have been both the last man standing and the Pineapple Leader: Lance Stroll and Pascal Wehrlein. The difference is that Wehrlein has scored points while Stroll is dead last now for the second race in a row. However, I’ll grant that track conditions apparently made overtaking a challenge for most drivers so I won’t blame Stroll too much for this piss poor performance. However, Lance has got to start improving his results. Let’s hope he can finally do that in his home race two weeks from now.