Hamilton’s comeback – Spanish GP 2017

Lewis Hamilton managed to grab a victory despite a lousy start in the Spanish Grand Prix yesterday. Several other teams also improved their points tally somewhat.

The Top-10:

  1. Lewis HamiltonHamilton got passed by Vettel on the start but later reclaimed the race-lead and took his second victory of the season, keeping the German at a striking distance in the points.
  2. Sebastian VettelSolid drive and a great start. It’s unfortunate he couldn’t keep Hamilton behind him.
  3. Daniel RicciardoWith Mercedes and Ferrari both losing one car during the race, Red Bull was clear to take its second podium of the season, thus keeping some distance to the middle lot teams which are closing it. It’s nice that Danny has something to smile about again.
  4. Sergio Perez – The Force Indias got an excellent start and with both cars in the Top-5, this was a brilliant result. It’s a shame Sergio didn’t get a chance to challenge Ricciardo.
  5. Esteban Ocon – The Frenchman has started a nice upwards trend in his results. And although Force India might have benefitted from other teams’ misfortune, his result in the race was excellent.
  6. Nico The Hülk – The Hülkster has also been steadily improving after an underwhelming start to the season. Renault may not be a top-contending car, but Nico is proving that they definitely have one solid driver in their team.
  7. Carlos Sainz – Toro Rosso must be pleased as punch to have both of their cars on the points again. Sainz drove an okay race, though he was up here simply because another driver was dropped behind him.
  8. Pascal Wehrlein – Wehrlein has now officially scored Sauber’s first points. He received a five-second penalty for turning to the pits a little too late, but this cost him only one position. Sauber is now beating McLaren in the standings and, if this keeps up, they’ll be giving Haas a run for their money. Well done, Pascal!
  9. Daniil Kvyat – The Racing Russki’s had a miserable start to the season, so a 9th place finish – while not brilliant – is infinitely better than what he’s been driving for up till now. Dani’s solid drive helps keep Toro Rosso ahead Williams right now, which is admirable in its own right.
  10. Romain Grosjean – Haas continues with its rather lukewarm performances with Grosjean receiving one whole point for his efforts.

Golden Pineapple Award: Marcus Ericsson, Sauber

Ericsson has now finally reached the pineapple position (Sauber’s second this season) which ranks him the highest out of all the drivers in the zero-points club. Ericsson showed a little bit of fight in the race which is good. Still not great, but at least he’s heading in the right direction. Lycka till i Monaco, Marcus!

Drop-out count: 4

Good news! Five races into the season, we finally had a race with only one retirement due to a technical problem. Bad news, of course it had to be the previous race’s winner Valtteri Bottas whose engine died half-way through the race.

On the very first lap, Bottas also bumped into Kimi Räikkönen who in turn was forced into Max Verstappen‘s side, totalling the suspension on both cars.

McLaren rookie Stoffel Vandoorne‘s suspension also broke when hit Felipe Massa later in the race.

Back of the Lot News:

Lots of disappointments yesterday. After an excellent qualifying, where he landed in grid-7, Fernando Alonso had a run in with his ex-team mate Felipe Massa, thanks to which Alonso went wide losing positions and Massa suffered a tyre puncture which dropped him all the way to the back. Alonso and Massa were 12th and 13th respectively by the end of the race, but I bet neither driver was happy with getting bumped to the back after starting in the Top-10.

I have no idea what happened to Kevin Magnussen who was driving in the Top-10 for a while. At least Jolyon Palmer can defend his terrible finish with an early pit-stop, which left only one car behind him.

Dead Last: Lance StrollI do kinda feel bad for Stroll, especially after he was the Pineapple Man in the Russian Grand Prix. Something must have gone horribly wrong (Stroll started from the back anyway) for him to make no progress at all. Stroll’s had it hard enough, let’s hope he can have a few incident free races and maybe even strive for points.