Alonso will skip Monaco, Buemi will skip Brooklyn

Spanish F1 double champion, Fernando Alonso will not be taking part on Monaco Grand Prix which will be driven in late May. Instead Alonso will take part in McLaren’s joint outfit with Venturi to race at Indy 500. McLaren has not announced who will replace Alonso at the even. Stoffel Vandoorne, the team’s second driver, is going to attend the weekend.

For Alonso, this might be a nice breath of fresh air and I don’t blame him for skipping out on one GP weekend, even one as prestigious as Monaco. McLaren’s pace has again been absolutely terrible in the first two races of the season. Though McLaren has a tendency to improve as the season goes on, the team has racked zero points a collective three retirements from the first two races.

Formula Ones will be driven in Bahrain this weekend, which will see Pascal Wehrlein finally start his season at Sauber (after missing the first two races of the season due to an injury).

In a similar fashion over at F1’s sister league, Formula E, reigning champion Sebastien Buemi and Argentinian driver Jose Maria Lopez are scheduled to miss the 9th and 10th rounds of that series, both of which are due to be driven on the same weekend in New York. The reason is the same for both drivers as they will attend the Nürburgring Round of the World Endurance Championship (WEC).

The next round of the Formula E will, incidentally, be driven in Monaco on 13 May.