My Top-10 favourite F1 Liveries

With the announcement of the classical orange McLaren and the daring new pink Force India this season, it’s nice to see some colour returning into F1 cars after several years of enduring the same old dark blues, reds, greys and whites.

In this list, I’m going to showcase what are my favourite F1 liveries. All of these are going to be from years when I’ve followed the sport (circa 2000 onwards). However, I wanted to give a special honourable mention to the 1996 Sauber (C15 ;pictured above) with its combination Petronas and Red Bull colours which is quite the sight to behold (Red Bull now being a competitor team not only to Red Bull but also Mercedes who are now the patrons of Petronas).

On with the list…


10. Minardi PS04B/PS05 (2005)

The final season Minardi was actually quite a fetching looking machine despite its piss poor speed. The blacks and the whites have a nice fluid design. Well, they did score points that season. It’s just too bad the team is now permanently stuck with the Red Bull colours due to being converted into Toro Rosso (albeit, the 2017 livery does look quite fresh).

9. Toyota TF108 (2008)

Think “red” and “Formula One”, the first car that probably pops into your mind is Ferrari. However, the short-lived Toyoto team’s red-and-white design was actually quite fetching. My favourite is the 2008 version with the smudgy outlines on the red.

8. Caterham CT-05 (2014)

I love the colour green, so it honestly is a bit of a shame in my book that Caterham had to fold at the end of the 2014 season. In a similar fashion to the final season Minardi, despite their absolutely pathetic performance, the Caterham (and earlier Lotus Racing) cars were quite the lookers.

6. Brawn BGP 001 (2009)

Sometimes a nice clean design works the best. This car is an oddity in many respects as it won the championship on its maiden season, the one and only championship of one Jenson Button, for a team that produced no other cars. The predecessor of the current Mercedes GP team, Brawn looks quite simplistic but that bit of bright, neon yellow really weirdly brightens up the car.

7. Sauber C29 (2010)

The very last of our very stripped down liveries, the post-BMW Sauber looked quite bare when it hit the track in 2010. While I did complain about how black, white and red are so over-used in F1 cars, I quite enjoy the subtlety of the stripped Sauber. The contrast of the black and white (akin to the Minardi) with just a hint of red at the edges.

5. Renault R25 (2005)

The car with which Fernando Alonso won the first of his two F1 championships. There’s been a lot of classic yellow cars (Jordan, Renault/Lotus) but I think the light blues over the bright yellows always made this one stand out the most, thus a good first entry into the Top-5.

4. Spyker F8 VII/F8 VIIB (2007)

Spyker might have been one of the biggest jokes of an F1 team in recent memory but you have to give them points for style. I find that Orange is just a criminally under-used colour in F1 cars since its so striking. The Dutch car manufacturer slapped its national colours this on the former Midland, but you have to admit, it looks very iconic. This is why I’m so hyped about the up-coming orange McLaren. Arrows also used a similar colour during their last few seasons.

3. Ferrari F1-2000 (2000)

Alright, of course I had to have a Ferrari on the list and the plain, blazing red of the 2000 model (with which Michael Schumacher won the first of his five straight championships with Ferrari) is quite the sight to behold. Later Ferraris have added an increasingly higher amount of white on to the car’s body, but I quite like the bright red of this model.

2. Sauber C34 (2015)

Yes, another Sauber car. Can you tell that I quite enjoy them. Even though his accomplishments in the sport are currently next to none, I was quite delighted when Sauber decided to don the national colours of Swedish driver Marcus Ericsson for the 2015 and 2016 seasons (they’re 2017 livery looks quite dull by comparison). The distinct blue-and-yellow, I just can’t help but to think of our neighbours to the West.

1. Jaguar R4 (2003)

As mentioned before, I love the colour green. As an F1 constructor, Jaguar were (even at their best) just an upper to middle tier team but I absolutely adored their green cars. They stood out so clearly from the rest of the pack. The 2003 version is easily my favourite and you can see why I was so sad when this team was bought out by Red Bull back in 2005. The car is colourful and lively. Even the little bits of white and red don’t manage to fade the racing green. Hands down, my favourite.