R.I.P. Manor F1 Team

ripmanor2The Manor F1 Team has officially closed its doors and ceased all racing activities. After losing out the 10th place in the Constructors’ Championship to Sauber last year, the team which originally debuted in 2010 under the banner of Virgin and raced between 2011 till 2014 as Marussia has now come to the end of its life.

The team is thus the very final of the three teams which debuted in 2010 to have fallen out of the F1 spotlight (Hispania Racing Team folded in 2012 and Caterham back in 2014). During the team’s six years of activity it only twice managed to reach points. Once back in 2014 thanks to the late Jules Bianchi. The second time was last year with the help of Pascal Wehrlein who, ironically, will be racing for Sauber next season.

It’s a shame Manor/Marussia/Virgin never blossomed into a serious middle-tier contender.

Rest in Pieces…