Wacky Wheels Review

wackywheelsWacky Wheels is a Super Mario Kart knock-off for the PCs but a surprisingly good one at that.

Gameplay: 4/5 – After the starting awkwardness that comes from these types of “pseudo-3D” games, the gameplay is actually surprisingly fluid, even better than Super Mario Kart in my view. It would be even better if I could play with my Xbox 360 controller, but it’s still surprisingly solid.

Graphics: 4½/5 – The game has a charming art-style. It’s maybe not as inventive as Super Mario Kart, but I do love the little hedgehog dudes running around and there’s certainly a lot of variety. Plus, I do much prefer the screen to be completely full while racing (rather than just the half-screen of Super Mario Kart), but at the same time, distant details are very blurry.

Animation: 3,5/5 – Pretty solid, though nothing special. I do like all the different variants on the hedgehogs though.

Music: 3½/5 – The music does fit like a glove but it’s not all that memorable and the main theme is maybe a little over-used. However, there is some nice melodic variety and the music feels very appropriate.

Sound: 4/5 – The cartoony sound-effects fit the game well.

Replay value: 4/5 – The game is a lot of fun, especially once you get the hang of the gameplay. Also, as a massive step up from Super Mario Kart, none of the NPCs have bullshit unique power-ups which they can use whenever they like but instead they follow the same rules as the player. This is very good and makes the game feel way more fair. On the other hand, there are a lot of game variants that don’t feel all that different (racing for 10 laps instead of 6 is an okay feature to have but maybe not all that much fun).

Score: 82% – Wacky Wheels may be a shameless rip-off of a classic Nintendo racing game, but it does a surprisingly high number of things better. Okay, so maybe the cast is a little generic (as they’re all just animals) but the game has fun tracks and a lively look and sound. Definitely worth a whirl.