Nico the Hülk to join Renault next season?

RenaultLogoThe motorsports magazine Autosport has reported that Nico Hülkenberg will be joining the Renault F1 team in 2017. The Hülk himself has not confirmed the news, however, his current team Force India has announced that Nico’s contract will end this season.

As neither Kevin Magnussen nor Jolyon Palmer has a confirmed contract for 2017, it’s unclear who would potentially be Hülkenberg’s team-mate.

Nico Hülkenberg has been driving in F1s since 2010 when he debuted at Williams. After sitting out for the 2011 season, he returned to active driving in 2012 at Force India before switching to Sauber for 2013 and then returning back to Force India in 2014 where he has driven since.

To date, Hülkenberg has not achieved a podium though he has been 4th several times throughout his career. He is currently 9th in the constructors’ championship, mirroring his best ever finish in the drivers’ championship from 2014.

Update (Oct. 15): Both Renault and Hülkenberg have now confirmed his contract with Renault.