Mercedes will take an intentional penalty for Hamilton in Spa

Mercedes has announced that Lewis Hamilton will be taking an intentional grid-penalty in Spa. The reason being that Hamilton has burned through his five allowed engines for this season. As a result of refitting new components into the car’s power-unit, Hamilton will be automatically given a 10-grid penalty.

Mercedes was apparently aware that the penalties were unavoidable and are choosing to take them now in the Belgian race rather than later in the season (Hamilton is currently leading the championship).

Mercedes seems to have taken an interesting tactical approach. And while I don’t have anything against Hamilton, I do think this might open up a chance for other drivers to possibly close the distance slightly during the on-coming Grand Prix weekend. Hamilton’s team-mate, Nico Rosberg, is only 19 points behind.

The third-place driver in the championship at the moment, Daniel Ricciardo, is comparatively much further away (by 84 points) but has been on the podium in the last two races. He still has a mathematical shot at the championship, so if Danny hopes to catch up to the Mercedes drivers, now would be the time.

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