Some of the changes suggested on Thursday revealed

F1 startThe F1 Strategy Group’s suggestion that races would start normally under wet conditions apparently received the full support of the F1 teams during their convention to discuss future rules and regulations held yesterday. The same meeting immediately led to the highly controversial radio assistance rule to being amended for the up-coming German Grand Prix.

The change to F1 starts came ahead due to this year’s British GP having started behind the safety car when a sudden shower hit the circuit just prior to the race which apparently upset some teams who wanted to start the race normally. The change to race-starts may not necessarily require a change in regulations (as the safety-car start was ordered by the stewards) and thus if a similar situation arises later this season, the change could be applied immediately.

Another rule change which teams agreed upon but which will only come into effect next year is that, in the event that a race is red-flagged, cars are not allowed to be worked on during the interim between when the race was flagged and when it restarts. This change is being made, no doubt, in reaction to a few red-flagged race incidents in past years where some teams may have felt that others have gotten an unfair advantage by changing settings during restarts.