My Top-6 Steamiest Black Women in Games

Some while ago, I listed some of the hottest women from Mortal Kombat then from games in general. However, I’ve always had a bit of a preference to women of darker complexion and so, this list is dedicated entirely to the steamiest black women from games. You will notice that rather than a Top-10, this is a Top-6 and the reason is sadly obvious. Not only are there just not that many sexy black women in games, well, there just aren’t a lot of black women in games to begin with.

Plus, in order to keep this list interesting and fun, I didn’t want to pick too many similar women for the list. So, here’s a few honourable mentions

Honourable mentions collageOur first honourable mention is Lenora and her epic teal afro. Lenora is a Gym leader from Pokemon Black & White and seems like a spunky lady. However, I’ve never played Pokemon Black & White, so adding her to the list seemed a smidge unfair. Then we have Malia Gedde, the femme fatale of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, whom the New Orleans Shadow Hunter falls for during the story. Malia is definitely one hot package, so you can’t really blame him, but being possessed by your great-great-great grandmother is a bit of a turn-off. Nilin from Remember Me has an amazing fundament and she’s a tough cookie as a character – but I find the silly neck-hologram a bit off. And finally, I’ll acknowledge Tanya from Mortal Kombat whose been featured on the series list before, but this time I decided to limit entries to one character per series.

And last of the shout-outs goes to the original black hottie…

EveEve from Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards. Okay, so Eve only became black in the VGA remake of the original – but after the many times Larry gets screwed (and not in a good way) through the game, she finally gives the little guy the loving he so badly wants. So, why not have Eve on the original list… well, call me crazy – but maybe you should consider the risks of a woman who’ll do you just for offering them fruit.

Obvious #1. Elena from Street Fighter

1 - Elena 2Yes, I’m doing this again and getting the obvious number-1 pick out of the way. Let’s just face facts: Elena is just the best. She’s even made my favourite fighting game characters’ list and she topped the prior Sexiest Video-Game Women list, so there was no mystery that she was going to be number-1 again. I’d just rather get that out of the way so there’s no false anxiety about the fact. Elena is sporty, well-spirited and considers her fighting opponents as friends. Plus, she can kick your ass to next Thursday without using her hands.

How could you not love this African warrior princess.


6. Vella from Broken Age

6 - VellaOkay, this one might seem like an odd pick, but I happen to think Vella is quite fetching in her sacrificial gown. Plus, she’s one tough cookie who doesn’t take crap from anyone. Sure, her head looks like a balloon, but I still find her very cute.

5. Sheva from Resident Evil 5

5 - ShevaSheva is the tough-as-nails partner of Chris Redfield in the fifth instalment of the zombie-blasting Resident Evil series which I recently was introduced to. Sheva has a lot of the same qualities as Vella. She’s a girl who can take care of herself and can give any zombie or gross monster a swift kick in the teeth if need be. Sheva is not just a steaming hot package, she also kicks ass and looks good doing it.

4. La Mariposa from DOA

4 - La MariposaLisa a.k.a. La Mariposa is a scientist by day and a luchadore wrestler by night and she looks damn fine doing both. So yes, La Mariposa isn’t just another energetic capoeira fighter akin to Elena, she’s also got brains to boot. Her various outfits are also a joy to the eye, but her white butterfly costume (pictured above) is easily my favourite. She’s got brains, style and hotness. You may wonder why she isn’t higher on the list and it’s solely that her personality is a little mixed for me. In her wrestling persona, she’s uninhibited and excited, but in her scientist geddup she’s honestly a little cold.

3. Telma from Twilight Princess

3 - TelmaTelma’s another familiar entry on this list. Just try to tell me you wouldn’t want to give this girlishly enthusiastic and pleasantly plump inn-keeper a big hug when you see her. So yeah, Telma’s not only a sassy woman, she’s got loads of pep in her too.

2. Jade from Mortal Kombat

2 - JadeYeap, MK’s original black goddess bumps her way back up to the top of the hottie list. Besides Mileena, she’s honestly my favourite of the ninja girls from Mortal Kombat. She’s a fast friend of Kitana and a killer fighter with her staff. Plus, Green’s my favourite colour, so that helps. She literally loses out to Elena simply because she’s way more fun to play as in her respective game, but don’t underestimate Jade. She’s a criminally under-rated MK character (along with Sheeva) and deserves some love.