A new He-Man movie is coming… very, very, very slowly.

teela and adam

Even Teela is pissed that the new He-Man movie isn’t out yet.

People know me as a huge He-Man fan and so any time something comes up about a potential new Masters of the Universe movie, it naturally piques my interest. For a couple of years now (yes, years) there’s been a buzz that a new He-Man movie would be coming out in the future. Back in 2014 it was announced that the movie had a script, which honestly doesn’t mean much since any idiot can write one, but it was interesting enough because the script had been commissioned by Columbia, which lent credibility to the fact that a big studio was legitimately interested in making a He-Man film (and that this wasn’t just some latent fan’s desperate effort to land a lucrative Mattel toy-deal).

Then, last year, it was being rumoured that McG had been considered for the position of directing the film, with his attachment to the project finally confirmed earlier this year. McG (real name Joseph McGinty Nichol) by the way is best known for having directed the early-2000s Charlie’s Angels films as well as Terminator: Salvation, the fourth instalment of the cyborg-action series. Still, a director being attached is a far cry from the movie actually being in production, though McG apparently then ordered a few re-writes of the script which again indicates that his interest in the film project is genuine.

And now, in June, Kellan Lutz announced that he was in talks for playing the role of the Strongest Man in the Universe. Lutz is known for his repeated role in the Twilight-series, playing the lead in Renny Harlin’s ill-fated Hercules film (which faced competition from another Herc-film the same year, starring The Rock) as well as playing John Smilee in the third instalment of the Expendables series. Of these, I’m only familiar with Expendables 3 and based off that, Lutz would appear a perfectly suitable actor for the part.

However, all of this information, while exciting in tidbits has been coming out in disappointingly slow increments, which honestly still makes me extremely skeptical about whether the new He-Man movie will actually ever come out. I’m a huge fan of the 1987 Dolph Ludgren adaption and so far it has sufficed for me as a big-picture adaption of the series, but obviously I would love to see a modern take on He-Man, Skeletor, the Sorceress, Orko and Castle Grayskull. However, it infuriates me that this movie production can’t ever seem to get further than the next obvious step and it always seems to take forever to happen. At this rate, we’ll be lucky to see the movie come out in 2025.

So Columbia (and the film press in general), if I can be so bold, please don’t announce more MOTU film stuff unless it is to actually announce that the movie is getting shot. A film spending years quietly in development hell, as funny as it sounds, is infinitely more desirable than being teased every few months about whether or not the movie is actually going to see the light of day.