Sebastien Buemi wins Formula E Championship 2015-16

Unfortunately, I was unable to watch the season finale of Formula E, especially considering that the championship was decided in an unusual way. Sebastien Buemi and Lucas DiGrassi, who were both vying for the championship on equal 153 points (DiGrassi led after the first London round but Buemi received 3 points from the second qualifying to tie), collided on the first lap of the race. Neither driver were able to finish the race (despite pitting to change cars) but Buemi won the championship by two points for setting the fastest lap during the race.

A controversial call and I do feel a little bad for Lucas DiGrassi, who would have won the championship had the drivers finished on equal points by the virtue of having more podiums (7 to Buemi’s 6). However, I was sort of rooting for Buemi anyway and stand by my original statement that which ever driver would win the title has truly deserved it. Congratulations to Buemi and also my condolences for Lucas DiGrassi who drove an excellent season and at least has proven to me that he’s a driver of exceptional sportsmanship (recalling the Paris team order incident).

Buemi’s team-mate, Nicolas Prost, won the second London round as well thus becoming the third driver this season to cross the 100 points threshold in the final round. Abt-Schaeffler’s Daniel Abt took second place with Dragon Racing’s Jerome D’Ambrosio taking third, the third podium this season for both drivers.