Capcom announces a new Mega Man cartoon for 2017

Rockman_2Capcom has announced that a new Mega Man animated series will be released in 2017. The series will be produced by Man Of Action Entertainment and will run for at least 26 episodes. Other than that, no specific details have been given except for the surprisingly far-off release date. Presumably the cartoon will be based on the Original/Classic Mega Man series. Man Of Action is known for Ben 10 and Generator Rex as well as some of the animators having helped out on Disney’s Big Hero 6.

While this announcement makes an old school Mega Man fan like myself really happy, it’s a bit of a surprise to say the least. Mega Man has not technically had an official game release since 2010’s Mega Man 10, after which the blue bomber has only made cameo appearances in other Capcom related properties. The big reason for this was the cancellation of numerous Mega Man games in development around that time. The only consistent product to feature Capcom’s heroic robot has been the Archie Comic series which has been going on since 2011 (sorry, haven’t actually read it).

MegaManLogoAs for the series strangely far off release date, Capcom apparently wants to schedule the series premier around the time of the franchise’s 30th anniversary. A cool idea, though one that makes me a bit worried that this leaves a really long time for something to go wrong with the production. But for now, I’ll stay optimistic.

This would mark the fourth time that Mega Man has graced Television screens since the game series’ inception in 1987. Mega Man was a recurring cast member on Captain N the Game Master, where he appeared as a pudgy, green robot guy with semi-mechanical voice provided by Doug Parker. In the mid-1990s Mega Man starred in his very own animated series from Ruby-Spears Entertainment where the blue bomber was voiced by Ian James Corlett, who played Dr. Wily on Captain N (the series was from the same animation studio as the lesser known Japanese OVA series Mega Man: Upon a Star). The most recent animated series starring the blue bomber was MegaMan NT Warrior, an anime series based on the Mega Man: Battle Networks series of games released principally on Nintendo’s handheld systems and which ran from 2001 until 2006.

I’m really excited for this cartoon and really look forward to it.