Congratulations Milla!

milla-jovovich-resident-evilYesterday, a few days past her due date, Milla Jovovich game birth to her second child by her husband and film director Paul W.S. Anderson. Jovovich and Anderson were married in 2009 after years of dating, following Jovovich’s first appearance in the Resident Evil movie series.

The reason I’m reporting on this news is because Jovovich is due to appear in the sixth film of the Resident Evil series, titled The Final Chapter. The movie is currently slated for a 2016 release. Filming was already due to start but was delayed until the summer of this year due to Jovovich’s pregnancy. I’m really curious to see myself what the sixth movie will be like (and if, indeed, it will be the final chapter of the series).

A quick update on some other video-game movies. The Ratchet & Clank movie is due to appear this summer as well as the new Hitman movie, Agent 47, later this year. Also, coming this summer is the Adam Sandler video-game disaster movie Pixels, which will feature apperances by Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. And lastly, I’ve heard Steven Spielberg  is considering directing the film adaption of the video-game related novel Ready Player One. So, it looks to be an interesting year for video-game movies.