Van der Garde farce to conclude on Wednesday

GiedoVanDerGardeSauberLess than a week before the season opening Grand Prix, Giedo van der Garde has taken the Sauber F1 Team to court. Van der Garde, a 2013 Caterham driver and Sauber’s test-driver has sought legal action against Sauber because he feels the team promised him a drive for this season, despite the fact that the team hired Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Nasr for the up-coming season. The Supreme Court of Victoria is going to give its final verdict on Wednesday.

I’m honestly stunned that VDG has resorted to dragging Sauber to court over this issue. Granted, Adrian Sutil kept insisting he was signed for Sauber as well but eventually faced reality and is now planning to race in the WEC-series. It’s just shocking that reality has still not caught up with VDG whom Sauber apparently still has under contract as a test-driver.

I can’t understand for the death of me what VDG thinks he’ll accomplish this way because I doubt Sauber is going to let him behind the wheel of their car even if he wins the case. My best guess is that VDG is after a fat pay-day; but he should be fully aware that Sauber aren’t exactly in the money right now (especially having lost to Marussia in the constructors’ championship last year). And more-over, I don’t understand why Sauber didn’t just fire him sooner.

Now in order to be fully fair to VDG, if he indeed had a signed contract with Sauber then I can understand that, as his employer, Sauber have certain responsibilities they have to owe up to. This is what Jarno Trulli was after when he left Caterham. However, I can’t seriously think VDG expects to actually race in Australia which really just makes it seem like VDG is just after money.

It would have been more mature on his part to just let the whole thing go. Because regardless of the outcome, there sure as hell are no winners in this case.

Addendum: VDG actually did win a case against Sauber at a local court in Switzerland (where Sauber is based) which may partly explain why he thinks he has a chance in Australia.

Addendum II (March 11): The court has sided with VDG. It’s unknown what Sauber’s actions will now be.