My Top-5 Dragon Ball Z attacks

SpiritBombI’ve done plenty of DBZ related lists before, but today I wanted to write another funny one related to the series. DBZ is one of my favourite anime series so obviously there’s a lot about it that appeals to me. One aspect is all the crazy attacks. This list is really just a silly run-down of the ones that I like the best.

Also, spoiler alert in case you don’t know Dragon Ball Z!!

So here goes…

5. The Kamehameha

Let’s start with the classic. The Kamehameha is the most basic of all Dragon Ball attacks. A blue beam of ki-energy was taught to Goku by Master Roshi and since then it’s become a bread and butter attack in the Dragon Ball universe. It’s pretty iconic by itself, especially Goku’s dramatic delivery of the attacks name one syllable at a time.

In fact, the only reason the Kamehameha doesn’t get higher is because it’s so wide-spread. Literally everyone in the DBZ universe knows the attack or something similar to it. I do think it’s most iconic when performed by Goku (and at least they also did it in the somewhat lacklustre live-action film as well). But its novelty factor is rather low.

Still, very iconic, much like the Hadouken in the Street Fighter series. Although this is a DBZ list, the clip below demonstrates little Goku pulling off the attack for the first time…

(Skip to 0:35 for the attack)


4. “Die, Planet! Die!” (the five-minute attack)

This isn’t technically the attack’s name, but the quote has become legendary. While facing off against Goku, Freeza finally gets fed up and decides that he’ll just blow up Planet Namek instead. He does an energy attack somewhat similar to Goku’s Spirit Bomb.

However, Freeza’s attack doesn’t destroy the planet immediately but instead begins to slowly eat away at the core until the planet finally blows up (taking considerably longer than the “five minutes” which Freeza promised).

There’s not a whole lot of flash, pomp or circumstance to this one but the accompanying line is just legendary.


3. Final Flash

Here’s an epic attack which ultimately proves a little futile. While the Cell Saga wasn’t one of my favourite story-lines from Dragon Ball Z, it at least contained a few epic new plot developments, like Vegeta becoming a Super Saiyan.

After realising how outmatched he is against Cell’s Perfect Form, which he allows to be completed, Vegeta puts all of his energy into one concentrated blast which has enough force to probably blow up the Earth several times over. This is another epic moment, especially with Trunks’ legendary quote and Bruce Faulconer’s epic musical piece (Super Vegeta) accompanying it.

(Skip to 3:17, since it takes a while)


2. Special Beam Cannon

(a.k.a. Makankosappo – Demonic Piercing Light Murder Gun)

Piccolo is hands down my favourite character from the Dragon Ball franchise and accordingly also owns one of my favourite attacks. The Special Beam Cannon plays a huge part at the start of the series where Goku and Piccolo lack the power to take down Goku’s evil brother Raditz.

Piccolo, already badly hurt, decides to use a technique which can penetrate Raditz with concentrated ki-beam but which ultimately requires Goku to sacrifice himself in the process. The name of the Special Beam Cannon is admittedly more than a little silly, but with Scott McNeill’s and Christopher Sabat’s iconic delivery, it actually winds up sounding incredibly badass (plus, it’s way better than the silly Japanese title).

(Skip to 2:36 for the actual attack)


1. Destructo Disc

(a.k.a. Kienzan)

Yup, the Destructo Disc has always been my favourite DBZ attack. Of course, it always appeared in the original US version intro but hearing the name for the first time was quite exciting as well. This is Krillin’s specialty, a disc of energy that apparently can cut through anything (except, as we come to learn very late in the series, Cell).

This attack always seemed so cool to me, especially since Krillin seemed to be the only one to use it (albeit, Freeza also uses an altered purple version without any specific name). The devastating power and the cool name make it my absolute favourite, as well as the fact that it’s used by one of the most sympathetic figures of the whole series.

Here’s probably the best scene ever involving the Destructo Disc.