WDP#11 is online!

WhiteDevilPodcastWhite Devil Podcast #11, our follow-up to the discussion in episode 10 is now up. With returning guests Darabka and RetroKaiser, we continue our discussion on adventure games, starting with our favourites and least favourites. If you missed out on the previous podcast I recommend you go check it out, since we discussed a lot about the history and development of the genre in that episode.

In the follow-up, we discuss some of the common problems with adventure games, the genre’s future, the LucasFilm universe and a lot of other random crap. No Match Game this time around, but I promise we’ll bring it back for the next podcast. You can download the podcast directly in MP3 form, but you can also see a full timetable for the podcast from Internet Archives.

Hope you enjoy the podcast!

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