Podcast Palooza!

WhiteDevilHey! Podcast number-10 of White Devil Podcast on Adventure Games is up and you can download it directly here. Me and my guests discuss adventure games and even if you’re not a fan of the genre, I’ve included a definition and a mini-history lesson to help include uninitiated listeners. Also check out the official White Devil Podcast page on the blog for prior episodes and details on the podcast (including timetables on the contents of each podcast).

In addition, if you haven’t seen my prior appearances on two of my other guests’ podcasts, I visited the second ever Kaiser Kast in an episode titled Welcome to your Doom, Jerkhead where we discussed at length the Ruby-Spears animated Mega Man cartoon. Sound issues aside, it was a great podcast and I highly recommend it.

I also visited Darabka’s Beast Cast #48. I’d tell you what the podcast is about, but it’s more fun to keep it a surprise. One of the most original podcast experiences I’ve ever had and definitely one of the most fun.