FIA presents a weird rule proposal to curtail “radio assistance”

ChrisHornerRadioThe F1 strategic group is convening again over new regulations for the sport. A weird new proposal would apparently limit the amount of information that drivers would be allowed to receive from the pit-wall via radio. The logic behind this potential rule change apparently is that there is a rising view-point within the sport that drivers have been reduced to becoming mannequins to the team mechanics who give orders and tell drivers to adjust cars during the race.

My two cents on this issue are that this is a fucking stupid idea. F1s are both a singles and a team sport. There is both a Drivers’ and a Constructors’ championship. And while a driver is unquestionably racing for himself first and foremost, they are also part of the team and have to be able to work with them. My only solace in this issue is that the rule proposal is not very popular within the sport.

Upon learning of this rule proposal, I couldn’t help but to think back to the abolition of the team order ruling from 2011. Now, the FIA seems to be back-pedalling furiously in the opposite direction and as a result have come up with a proposal that seems to make little to no sense. Of course the drivers need to be able to change car settings and regulate their speed. With the gazillion other ridiculous limitations on tires, engines, gearboxes and so forth, this is a situation the FIA has created themselves. It’s completely unfeasible that within the sport which is supposed to represent the peak of technology, there should be no alteration or experimentation on-track.

The only way this proposal would make sense is if all teams would be given equal gear and resources, which of course is not possible unless F1s become a single-make series, which is something no-one wants. I hope that this proposal gets swiftly rejected as it should. You can’t have cost limiting rules combined with regulation-enforced radio silence and not expect something to go horribly wrong in a race. No-one wants to see a driver lose a race because their engine is about to blow out or because their brakes are critically hot and no-one was allowed to give them warning ahead of time.