Mercedes GP takes the first stupid step towards solving a non-problem

mercedes logoMercedes GP is due to add a device to their car in the up-coming Barcelona Grand Prix to “fix” the problem of the quiet V6 engine sounds in this season’s F1 cars. This device will not make the car go faster, will not make notable improvements to the car’s performance and will not affect Mercedes’s standings in this year’s F1 season. The team is indeed planning on adding a purely superficial addition to the car to “fix” a non-problem.

Niki Lauda previously said the outrage over the engine noises was entirely absurd. In fact, what he said really should have been the extent of what I needed to write on the subject, but apparently fans want to complain about stupid shit like this rather than the real problems within the sport: Bernie Ecclestone is in court, teams are still in financial difficulties, FIA failed to make an expense cap which lead to protesting from the smaller teams. But I guess engine sounds trump all of that.

Man is truly foolish.