White Devil Podcast #6: He-Man Cast

I recently did a new episode of White Devil Podcast with Darabka on all things He-Man related. The full podcast took a little over 3 hours, so I made a little under an hour long “lite version” to give people an idea of the podcast. If you want to check the preview it’s posted below and you can leave comments and questions on YouTube which will be answered in the next podcast.

The lite version features the very beginning of the podcast, omitting the individual sections where we introduce our He-Fandom. The other segments are a selection of some of the best conversations we had through the podcast. Also omitted is the Q&A at the end of the podcast.

Those of you who want to listen to the whole thing can just click here to get the full version in MP3. You can also visit the Internet Archives page to get a full time-table and list of topics for the podcast.