Mark Webber – Career Stats!

WebberAustralian driver, Mark Webber, has completed his (so far) final season in F1. Even though his departure has not been entirely amicable, I have great respect for Webber and his skills as a driver, he’s driven a fantastic career and a great final season.

You’ll be missed Mark. I already gave a pretty concise bio of him when he first announced his retirement, so I’ll link to that instead since I don’t feel like repeating myself. Here for posterity, are his final stats in Formula One Grand Prix racing.

Mark Webber’s Career in a Nut-shell!

  • Teams driven for: Minardi (2002), Jaguar (2003-04), Williams (2005-06), Red Bull (2007-13)
  • Best Finish: 8 race victories in all: first one Germany 2009, last one Monaco 2012, four victories in 2010!
  • Number of Podium Finishes: 42
  • Debut season highlight: Finishing 5th and scoring points on a Minardi in his very first Grand Prix.
  • Final season highlight: Winning 8 podiums, 3rd in the standings.
  • Best standing: 3rd in 2010, 2011 and 2013.
  • Worst standing: 16th in the 2002 season.
  • TheHande’s nick-name: Webbster