Nintendo gets a second chance for MMX3?

MMX3I have been waiting in eager anticipation for Virtual Console uploads on the Wii U as of late. Although, I think the Wii U’s eShop is quite pathetic still with only NES and SNES titles to pick from (no Neo-Geo, no MegaDrive, no TurboGrafx-16, not even Nintendo 64), I have been keeping my eye on something.

One of the happiest last-minute surprises in the Wii’s Virtual Console selection were additions of Mega Man 5 and X which are two of my favourite titles from the franchise as a whole. However, I was then left waiting for MMX3 which sadly wasn’t released even though MMX2 followed pretty soon after MMX. This was a load of crap, because X3 is my second favourite game in the MMX-series and I’ve been waiting for a long time for it to finally arrive to the Virtual Console.

However, Nintendo just recently put MMX2 up on the Wii U’s eShop which means that there is still a chance we may see MMX3 in the near future. However, what I’d really want is for Nintendo to just get their head out of their ass and start putting up a bigger variety of downloadables for the Wii U. The Virtual Console was one of its major trump cards when the Wii was released, I’m still utterly confused why they haven’t capitalised on it. At least it would get other nostalgia hounds like myself to buy the system.