FIA releases Constructors for next season – The End of HRT

hrtHispania Racing Team can now be considered as semi-officially out of the F1s. The FIA has released the list of participating Constructors for next season which includes all the constructors that have paid the necessary entry-fee to compete next season. It also contains names of drivers who have been confirmed to be signed with each team. However, a notably high number of confirmed drivers (Charles Pic, Jean-Eric Vergne, Daniel Ricciardo, Timo Glock, Esteban Gutierrez and Nico Hülkenberg) are also missing from the list, which is a little odd.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that HRT wont race next year, but seems highly indicative of at least their current financial situation. Pedro De La Rosa was already announced as having a contract with them for next season and HRT is known to be looking for a buyer for the team (they were supposed to give new info on this on Friday but never did). It is still possible that HRT will take part if they find a buyer and if they pay their entry-fee by the allowed deadline (don’t remember when that is). However, the entry-fee (which is paid back to the team over the course of the season) alone is 25 million GBP.

This can at least be considered one of the last nails on the coffin for HRT. As always, once anything new occurs, I’ll post a blog about it.

EDIT 7.12.: Okay, seems November 30 when the participation list was released was the deadline for entry. So even if HRT finds a buyer (which is extremely unlikely and the team has not commented on the situation thus far), they will not be taking part in the 2013 season regardless.