Hamilton moves to Mercedes, Perez moves to McLaren!

The driver changes have begun! It has now been confirmed that Lewis Hamilton (currently 2nd in the Championship standings) will be switching to the Mercedes GP team next year. His team-mate will be Nico Rosberg, which means that 7-time World Champion, Michael Schumacher will be leaving the team. There are no news yet what Schumi intends to do, but my firm belief is that he will now retire for good. In all honesty, it’s better for him while he still has some shred of dignity left after his horrendous three-year comeback.

Sergio Perez, currently of Sauber, is now confirmed to be the man to replace Hamilton next season at McLaren, as Jenson Button’s team-mate (Button is already signed). This of course meant that I had to make a revision to my previous Driver Speculation Chart.

The updated version is below which now lists the likely driver scenarios.