My Top-5 Most embarrassing actor mix-ups

Even though I’m a massive movie-buff, even I’ll get actors mixed up. Most of the time I only need to see the film and watch it for a long enough period of time to realise my mistake, but sometimes I can go for literally years thinking some actor was in a movie I saw and then realise only later that he actually wasn’t. These are the most embarrassing instances…

5. Mike Cera & Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network)

To be honest, I’m probably not the only one whose made this mistake but I actually attribute this more to the fact that I never actually saw The Social Network. Plus, Mike Cera has been in every notable comedy film out there from the past couple of years so I think it’s a very easy mistake to make.

As you can tell, I’m not really all that embarrassed because A.) I don’t really care for either actor and B.) aside Scott Pilgrim, I didn’t really care for most of Cera’s films to begin with. However, it’s bizarre how I so clearly had a picture of Cera being in The Social Network so I think it warrants a mention.

4. Lance Henriksen & James Remar (Justice League Unlimited)

I pride myself on being able to pick out voice-actors and even famous people from the voice-casts of cartoons, but this is one instance where I was so off it wasn’t even funny. Admittedly, it’s much easier to mistake two actors that sound alike, but the fact that I know both of these actors should have tipped me off a little bit.

So basically, on the second season of Justice League Unlimited, we’re finally introduced to the Hawkman from that version of Justice League and he was voiced by Remar, but I kept thinking it was Lance Henriksen. Reasons I made this mistake include the fact that Remar and Lance both have a smokey, raspy, low voice and also because both are known for doing voice-work.

At the same time the mistake is very embarrassing for me since A.) I really love Lance Henriksen and B.) I know James Remar from quite a few movies, so I should have been able to spot the subtle differences in their voices.

3. Tim Curry & Looten Plundor (Captain Planet and the Planeteers)

This one I consider particularly embarrassing for a number of reasons:

A.) I actually love Captain Planet and it was one of my favourite shows growing up.

B.) Even though Looten Plundor was a bad guy with no special powers, I still considered him an iconic villain from the show.

C.) I know the shows intro narration and ending theme by heart, including Plundor’s famous quote: “You’ll pay for this Captain Planet!!”

However, most important of all Tim Curry actually WAS a voice-actor on the show. He played the sexy Dr. Blight’s evil, flirty, British computer A.I. Mal (obviously based on Hal-2000). So for me not to realise that Plundor was voiced by someone totally different makes this mistake all the more embarrassing for me.

And if you’re curious, Plundor was originally voiced by James Coburn and later by Ed Gilbert.

2. Mel Gibson & George Clooney (Pocahontas)

I’ll openly admit that Pocahontas was never my favourite Disney movie. It’s not even in my Top-10 and the only thing I really even liked about it was the song The Colours of the Wind. However, I had a lot of egg on my face when I recently watched the movie for the first time in its original English form.

All through the movie, I was trying to guess who John Smith’s voice-actor was because he sounded so darned familiar. Finally, about half-way through the film I became convinced it was George Clooney. It just made sense to me since he was really becoming a big name in the mid-to-late 1990s. Then the credits started rolling and I recoil in terror after seein Mel Gibson’s name instead. I don’t hate Gibson, but at the time I felt really embarrassed for mistaking them. It’s another voice-role mix-up, but these two are definitely a pair of actors you should never mix-up.

Incidentally, Mel’s brother, Donal Gibson, was the voice of John Smith in the direct-to-video sequel Pocahontas 2: Journy to a New World.

1. Kevin Bacon & Willem Dafoe (X-Men First Class)

This is by far the most embarrassing actor mix-up I’ve been guilty of and it’s even funnier since this only happened last year. I loved X-Men First Class but I had a lot of weird thoughts watching the movie. Most of them were related to “Hmm, so is this supposed to be a prequel or a reboot?” However, one of the bizarre thoughts I had while watching Sebastian Shaw in the movie “Well that’s kinda cool, Willem Dafoe’s playing the villain in two Marvel films…”

When a little later I checked the cast of actors from Wikipedia, I realised to my shock and horror that Sebastian Shaw was actually played by Kevin Bacon. My first thought was: “God damn! I am such an idiot!” My second thought was: “God damn!! Kevin Bacon has gotten old!!!” So my apologies to anyone, but when I see a wrinkly faced villain in a Marvel movie, I can’t help not thinking of Willem Dafoe.

As a side-note: Really gotta buy Spider-Man 1 and X-Men First Class on DVD soon.