The Sexiest DVD Cover of All Time? – He-Man Volume 6

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe has a rather unfortunate reputation of being almost borderline homo-erotic with its 80s design choices, colour-schemes and muscle men in furry underpants throwing each other around. However, at least Volume 6 of the He-Man season 1 DVD releases did its best to remind everyone that there are also hot women in this show and that’s it not all about the guys.

This might very well be my personal favourite of the He-Man DVD covers, alongside volumes 3 and 4. Aside series regulars: the feisty red-head Teela, her mother Sorceress and the sexy witch Evil-Lyn, artist Eamon “The Extremist” O’Donoghue also allows one-shot character Lady Valtera to share the spotlight with Eternia’s goddesses.

As for the DVD release itself, it contains a fairly solid collection of episodes. The episode starring Lady Valtera, The Sleepers Awaken, probably being the must-see pick from this volume along with the well-written The Dragon’s Gift and the absolutely hilarious The Search for the VHO. The final episode, The Search, is an okay stock-episode. However, the release also features the painfully bad A Tale of Two Cities and the rather lame Starchild episodes.

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