Kimi is on the championship trail

Sports-induced nationalism gives me the heeby-jeebies but I had to talk about Kimi Räikkönen’s excellent performance on his comeback season to Formula One. He’s been on the podium in the last two races, he’s fourth in the standings and has scored points in every race except the Chinese Grand Prix where his tires gave out towards the end of the race. However, Kimi is within a ten-point margin of several other hopefuls so he really has to keep his performance up if he hopes to stay in the championship race, but I’m real happy that he’s doing so well.

Nico Rosberg, son of Keke, is also doing fine, but I always find it hard to cheer for him even though he has Finnish-German dual citizenship. I even find it funny that Sebastian Vettel actually speaks more Finnish than he does. But Nico is definitely getting to show off his talents and he’s no longer the big talking good for nothing he was when he first started in the sport. Nico has a race-win under his belt from this season, that’s something Kimi still has to strive for.

Kimi is still behind Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and defending champion Vettel. Hamilton and Alonso’s strong performance is definitely surprise after last year which just means Kimi isn’t going to have an easy time. Right now though, these titans haven’t really been able to go at each other since the performance of each car is so unstable. Whereas a Ferrari will do much better than everyone on one track, Lotus will do better in another, a Red Bull in another and a McLaren in another. There doesn’t appear to be a single track where the big teams would have equal ground, which is why we’ve five different race winners in the last five races.

Of course I hope Kimi will be the sixth name to be added to that list in Monaco next weekend. A part of me is even secretly hoping a Keke Rosberg style championship on the back of only one race-win. That may not be realistic though, but at least if Kimi is still in the running at the end of the season, it’s going to be very interesting.

Monaco will definitely be my first real race-report of the season. Let’s hope there will not be any serious accidents this year, like there was last year.