Top-10 Most Neglected Robot Masters

This is my final Robot Masters list. Despite all the robot masters featured on prior lists, there were loads that I would have wanted to have featured on those lists but couldn’t because I tried giving each game equal weight or because these masters didn’t quite qualify for each list. This list doesn’t include any Robot Masters that received honourable mentions, but is indeed the list intended for those robot masters who just barely missed making it on to my top-10s.

10. Crash Man

The Mega Man 2 Robot Masters really didn’t get to shine that much which was in part me trying not to favour this game, partially because most fans already know the roster so well and also in part that many of the lists looked at such specific attributes.

Crash Man definitely falls into a category of Robot Masters who is memorable and instantly recognisable based on the game he’s in, but not quirky or outstanding enough to quite make it on to any of my lists. However, the Mega Man 2 roster over-all is so solid that I felt I needed to really give him some recognition and therefore the lowest spot on this list is sufficient. There really isn’t much to Crash Man, he’s essentially Bomb Man 2.0, but more lethal.

I think the most interesting aspect of Crash Man is that he is actually known by two different names. In the Mega Man II Game Boy game his name was oddly mistranslated as Clash Man. This of course is due to transliteration issues with the R/L sounds in Japanese, but funny enough, some people actually prefer Clash Man as this robot’s name. I have, however, and always will call him Crash Man.

9. Solar Man

I really have given Mega Man 10’s roster a hard time, excluding them from pretty much all but two lists, but there is one other Robot Master from the roster that really bears discussing in a positive light, besides Sheep Man. That’s Solar Man. The very simplified character designs of MM10’s Robot Masters made many of them very plain and dumb-looking but one master with whom I thought this simplistic approach actually worked with was Solar Man.

He really does have a classic, quirky quality you see in old Robot Masters like Air Man, Spark Man and Needle Man. His name is a bit odd, but at least it’s memorable. He’s also one of the hardest bosses unless you use Pump Man’s weapon, then he’s a total pussy. And in Mega Man 10’s otherwise bland and unmemorable soundtrack I actually thought Solar Man’s theme kicked massive ass. The aggressive beat actually made it sound more appropriate for the Mega Man X series, but at any rate easily one of the best tracks from the game.

Solar Man was however really hard to bring up on any list without forcing him on there. I may have considered giving him an honourable mention somewhere down the line, but it just never occurred to me. At least now I can give him a shout-out because he’s certainly bad ass enough to have owned it.

8. Hornet Man

Hornet Man landed in a very uncomfortable spot between two lists, which is why I couldn’t include him on either. However, his name immediately stuck with me and his odd design instantly made him one of my favourites. But unfortunately I ended up neglecting him on a constant basis in favour of Galaxy Man and Splash Woman.

Hornet Man had one of the oddest themes for a level and he himself is shaped like a bunch of honeycombs. Yet, he has that serious face which actually, oddly enough, makes him quite bad-ass. And I definitely did have flashbacks to Blast Hornet from Mega Man X3, which might have been another reason why I really liked him.

This was the main problem with him. He’s quirky yet cool and because of that I couldn’t really comfortably fit him on either of my top-10s concerning the coolest and the quirkiest Robot Masters. However, he’s one of my personal favourites from Mega Man 9 and truly deserved to be put on here since I neglected him so badly.

7. Flame Man

I brought Flame Man up a couple of times in collusion with other Robot Masters from Mega Man 6 but once again could never find a good spot for him in any of the lists. Like Hornet Man, I think he’s both cool and quirky, but not enough of either to have made those lists. What makes Flame Man worth bringing up though is that like Tomahawk Man, he’s one of the Robot Masters where the MM6 roster gets almost borderline racist.

The turban, the pointy slippers, the oil-pools that are ignited by malicious robots… yeah, we get it, Flame Man is from the Middle-East. It’s not that I’m particularly sensitive to this PC stuff but there were times I was wondering if it would honestly reflect badly on me for having him in any of my top-10s. At the same time I wondered if it would reflect badly on me not to have him any of my top-10s.

With that, it’s easy to see why Flame Man then finally got neglected. But I’m gonna be honest, I think he’s just really badass. He’s also one of the most interesting Robot Masters and that’s why I wanted to have him on this list.

6. Shade Man

While not really my favourite Robot Master from Mega Man 7, I think Shade Man is worth discussing. I mean he’s a robot-vampire after-all. And with lists which have previously included robot mermaids and centaurs, I think Shade Man should have complemented these fairytale inspired Robot Masters in his design. But I could never find a spot on any of my Top-10s where I was comfortable putting him on there.

People may have noticed that Mega Man 7 in general was rather low-priority game on most of the top-10s and I never had a burning urge to include more than one master from this game on any of my lists. When Freeze Man seemed to crop up for the second time on my coolest robot masters list, I briefly contemplated replacing him with Shade Man. But both his facial design and colour-scheme just didn’t say “cool” as clearly as Freeze Man’s design (pun totally not intended).

Shade Man is interesting, I can’t off the top of my head name another Robot Master with wings, but I think another thing that weighted against him in the end is that I’m just not that big of a vampire fan. I mean yes, I love Dracula (Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, Frank Langella and Gary Oldman) but vampires in general are just not my thing.

5. Dust Man

I don’t think you can honestly top Dust Man in the sympathy department. His name is literally only one step away from being mud, just add water *rim shot*. Dust Man comes from a long line of quirky Robot Masters in Mega Man 4, but perhaps because I wanted to feature Mega Man 6’s masters more prominently, which most people aren’t as familiar with, Dust Man just got sort of neglected and left off to the sidelines.

I feel bad because I really like him a lot. He’s one of the first Robot Masters I remember from playing Mega Man for the first time, along with Ring Man and Pharaoh Man. Plus, he just looks so pathetic with his giant box-head which shoots rubbish at people.

However, I think Junk Man also wasn’t quite quirky or cute enough to make any of the top-10s and this is another thing that weighted against him. But I just really love this Robot Master, so I honestly think he deserves a shout-out and certainly a spot in the top-5 due to his sheer likeability.

4. Junk Man

One Mega Man 7 Robot Master that I definitely feel bad for not having on my lists is Junk Man. In essence, he’s Dust Man 2.0 but perhaps not as sympathetic. Still, he’s definitely one of the most original looking of any of the Robot Masters which is why it’s such a shame I didn’t have a chance to showcase him on any of the lists.

The quirky expression alone makes him very distinct. He’s probably the only hulking Robot Master with a human-looking chin which alone makes him quite unique. Also, he actually looks like he’s made of scrap-metal which is just really cool in my view.

I can’t honestly give a reason for why Junk Man didn’t feature prominently on any of my lists. I guess I just forgot about him, because otherwise I think he would have gotten an honourable mention on the quirkiest Robot Masters top-10. For this reason, I think he deserves a spot in the top-5.

3. Wood Man

I really do feel sorry for Wood Man. He’s yet another Mega Man 2 Robot Master who I really wanted to include in one of the top-10s but each time he simply didn’t make the cut. Wood Man is definitely an iconic Robot Master from the game. He’s a robot made of wood which alone makes him interesting. Also, I just like it when they make chubby-ass robot masters because they’re always very memorable for some reason.

Despite his silly and cartoonish appearance, Wood Man is actually pretty annoying boss to fight, especially on Difficult mode. However, he has one of the best stages and stage themes from his respective game which just made me want to include him even more. However, he wasn’t really quirky enough to make the Quirkiest Robot Masters list. He’s essentially what Plant Man would be if he wasn’t such a pansy *rim shot*.

My favourite appearance ever by Wood Man was in the Mega Man cartoon episode The Mysterious Island of Dr. Wily where he delivered probably the single funniest line from that episode: “Welcome to your doom, jerk heads!”

2. Guts Man

I really, really feel sorry for Guts Man. Since the first Mega Man game only had a roster of six Robot Masters, you would have thought I could have found some way to feature every single of the Robot Masters in one list or another. The Cutest Robot Masters list was definitely designed to give the missing MM1 Robot Masters a shout-out and even Fire Man got an honourable mention on the Coolest Robot Masters list.

Guts Man is just really hard to dress up in words. The guy is the prototype of every hulking Robot Master from every other game. He doesn’t technically even have a power, he’s just physically stronger than everyone else. But I do love him. He and Cut Man together found their way to my Top-10 Cartoon Duos list and I wish I could have had him with Cut Man on the first Top-10. But I promised myself I wasn’t going to cheat on any of the top-10s since there were so many opportunities. Sadly, Gutsy missed them all.

Guts Man is a really iconic Robot Master, so I guess he technically doesn’t deserve too much of a shout-out since most Mega Man fans know who he is. But I really like him (especially in the Mega Man cartoon series) which is why I feel bad that I wasn’t able to squeeze him into any of the lists.

1. Flash Man

Not just the most neglected Robot Master from Mega Man 2 on my lists, but just generally speaking. Many people know Flash Man’s level. Many fans consider his stage theme as one of the all-time greats, as do I. How is it possible that Flash Man missed every chance to appear not only in the Captain N episode The Big Game (which featured all the other Robot Masters from Mega Man 2) but also in the Mega Man cartoon series?

I think this is the inherent problem with being the time-stopping boss in any Mega Man game. Flash Man really hasn’t got any other notable characteristics except a bitchin’ rapid-fire rate on his plasma-gun. He’s weak against the best weapon in the game, the Metal Blades, which makes him easily the Robot Master most fans defeat as their second pick. Also, he’s kinda cool looking but not as quirky and perhaps not as memorable as his followers, Bright Man and Centaur Man.

However, I love him. Flash Man is one of the iconic Robot Masters from this respective game and I couldn’t imagine Mega Man 2 without him. But try as I might, it seems Flash Man never gets a break. He is truly deserving of the number-1 spot on this list. At least you now have recognition for something, Flash Man.