Top-10 Cutest Robot Masters

Last time we looked at the coolest Robot Masters and today I’ll be looking at the cutest Robot Masters from each of the games. Mega Man 5 and 6 are not present this time around as they have been featured so extensively on prior lists. And Mega Man 8 of course will not be featured, again, because I haven’t played it.

This time the honourable mention goes to Galaxy Man. He is definitely cute enough that I would have wanted to have him in the list, but he was already in my over-all top-10 and he topped the list of the quirkiest Robot Masters, just so we’d have more unique entries on this list, I felt that he shouldn’t be on it.

This is my second-to-last Robot Master list and in the final list we’ll finally shine a light on all the Robot Masters that have been neglected so far but who I feel deserve a shout-out…

10. Heat Man

Okay, so Heat Man made my Bottom-10 of Worst Robot Masters. However, it might have come through that I included him somewhat begrudgingly, because as lame and dopey looking as Heat Man may be, he is actually kinda endearing and cute as well.

The pudgy face, the sleepy cartoon eyes and his tiny stature just all make Heat Man very sympathetic. Sure, his fire-powers are quite impressive but beyond that, he really just looks like a guy dressed up as a lighter.

Heat Man belongs into a group of Robot Masters whom I consider “dumb-looking but likeable”. Added to this, I think Heat Man just complements the Robot Master roster of Mega Man 2 to such a degree that I just had to have him in this list.

9. Slash Man

Even though this (bizarrely) hairy, jungle-dwelling Robot Master appears to be yet another Wolverine rip-off, I really like Slash Man for some reason. He just comes off as bizarrely sympathetic, especially once you fry or freeze him up using other Robot Masters’ weapons.

Plus, in-game he looks like he’s trying to be a tough-guy, but I just find it hard to really think of him that way. I mean even his level seems like a robotisized version of Jurassic Park, so he kinda comes off a bit more cartoony than anything else. His attack pattern is definitely kinda odd, with that red gunk that he uses to neutralise Mega Man.

Slash Man isn’t quite the most adorable Robot Master, but I felt that he needed to be showcased because he is one of those oddly cute bosses from a Mega Man game. Also, I didn’t want to have Spring Man on another list and I thought Slash Man deserved a shot out.

8. Sheep Man

Sheep Man is another Robot Master who receives a lot of criticism for some odd reason. I haven’t had Mega Man 10’s Robot Masters on many of my lists, but Sheep Man definitely deserves to be on here. He’s a frickin’ sheep! Have you ever seen sheep in real life? They’re fluffy and cute!

Also, I just like Sheep Man for his quirky design and attack pattern. He actually turns into clouds and then unleashes lighting-bolts at Mega Man. There’s not that many electrical robot masters that I would consider cute and loveable, but Sheep Man definitely does look the part.

One thing I kinda don’t get is why Sheep Man has such a serious look on his face. He’s cute but not adorable in the same sense as some of the other Robot Masters on this list.

7. Bomb Man

Mega Man 1 hasn’t had a lot of prominence on prior top-10s, so this time around we get to showcase quite a few of the cartoony and cute Robot Masters from this game. And I really did have to start with Bomb Man. He is definitely one of the most unique-looking Robot Masters, but still he didn’t quite make the cut for my Top-10 Quirkiest Robot Masters list.

However, he is definitely distinct looking. I don’t know what’s up with his face, but he looks like a Koopa Troopa who decided to join Wily’s robot army. He’s a pudgy guy with a bottomless reserve of cartoon bombs. That’s just precious! Not to mention he even has a sweet-ass Mohawk.

However, while Bomb Man definitely is one of the most loveable Robot Masters from the bunch, he didn’t quite have chops to make it into the top-5 and there are at least two other Robot Masters from the same game who I thought were even cuter.

6. Cloud Man

Another Mega Man 7 Robot Master, I really felt this list would not be complete without him. Cloud Man is just such an odd, dopey-looking and pudgy little guy with no legs who flies around on a cloud (or at least his torso seems to generate something that looks like a cloud).

Cloud Man’s powers are quite impressive and even a little frightening as he is able to control the weather and shoot lightning bolts. However, whenever I use Burst Man’s weapon against him and he falls to the ground helpless, I just feel incredibly sorry for him. Plus, his level has probably one of the cheeriest theme songs of any Mega Man level.

Cloud Man is definitely deserving of the spot in the middle of the list, but he isn’t perhaps so hopelessly adorable that I’d be willing to put him in the top-5.

5. Bubble Man

Here’s a familiar face from the top-10. How could I not have Bubble Man in my top-5? He’s one of the most iconic Robot Masters for me and a face I instantly associate with Mega Man 2. Not only that, out of the game’s extremely memorable and solid Robot Master roster, he’s just a personal favourite of mine.

Bubble Man’s adorableness is a combination of numerous things. First, there’s just his name. Bubbles aren’t exactly threatening and in fact bring to mind many a childish thing (unless we’re talking about Bubble Bath Babes for the NES). Secondly, Bubble Man wears frickin’ scuba-gear and diving glasses which is just down right sweet. Also, I think almost any robot-master with flippers is gonna grab your attention.

When we add the fact that despite his bubbly attacks, his boss-fight and level are two of my favourite things from Mega Man 2, you can see why I like Bubble Man so much that I’d want to have him in the top-5.

4. Splash Woman

Are you really surprised? Splash Woman is definitely cute, perhaps more in that girlish way than anything else. I mean, she’s a mermaid after all. I just really love her design: that little wave-thingy in her helmet, the conch shell shoulder-pads, even her trident.

For some people Splash Woman was a slight disappointment since she didn’t appear that special compared to prior Robot Masters, but I felt she fit the bill fine. She added gender variety but didn’t get special treatment from Mega Man 9’s production crew. Some, of course, hated the fact that dirty Splash Woman fan-art hit the internet within minutes of her being announced in the game, but I think Mega Man fans now know what Sonic fans must feel like whenever Sega unveils a new female character.

I desperately wanted Splash Woman in the top-10, but she got left off in favour of Galaxy Man and even on the quirkiest Robot Masters list she didn’t quite reach the top-5. However, here I think her position is both appropriate and justified.

3. Cut Man

Of course Cut Man had to be up here, since he already made the top-10. Cut Man can truly be considered iconic to the franchise. He’s appeared several times outside of his initial game appearance and, for me, he’s actually one of the first things that always comes to mind from the series. Plus, for being the weakest boss from the first game he’s just really endearing.

Like Bomb Man, Cut Man just has a very unique look. I mean his head is just a big red ball, in essence. That’s just really adorable. And he appears to have a giant pair of scissors stuck on his head which is also just really hilarious-looking. Cut Man might have very well made it on to the Quirkiest Robot Masters list, but honestly, I think he belongs here.

Cut Man is just a beloved figure from the franchise and I never get tired of him. As mentioned before, I especially like him in the Mega Man cartoon series and was seriously creeped out by his appearance in Captain N, but in almost any incarnation, I just find him adorable.

2. Bright Man

Bright Man has certainly basked a lot in the spot-light for these lists *rim shot*. Of course this pudgy bulb-head was also going to make this list. He is just easily the most sympathetic looking Robot from Mega Man 4’s already quirky and goofy looking roster of Robot Masters.

Bright Man is really, in my eyes, Mega Man 4’s equivalent of Cut Man. He’s a bizarre looking, pudgy, sort of weak Robot Master – but one who you instantly associate with the game he’s in. In other words, I consider Bright Man iconic and that’s high praise for a guy who looks like he has a light-bulb on his head. But as I’ve mentioned before, he’s definitely my favourite of Robot Masters with stuff on top of their heads.

Ring Man’s ring? Kinda cool. Cut Man’s blades? Adorable but not as awesome. Flame Man’s turban? More racist, than funny. Quick Man’s boomerang? Cool but nothing special. Top Man’s top? Just really dumb. Bright Man and his light-bulb? God fucking yes, I love that light-bulb.

1. Ice Man

I think Ice Man is the winner by default. He pretty much laid down the standard for almost everyone else on this list. He’s the cutest robot in a game filled with cute, cartoony robots. The winter hood, the gigantic eyes… my god, Ice Man could give Kirby, Yoshi and even Pikachu a run for their money in the cuteness department.

Ice Man’s level is one of my least favourite levels of all time and generally, ice-based robot masters just aren’t as much fun as the rest. Freeze Man and Ice Man are the exceptions. Freeze Man is cool as fuck, Ice Man is just too adorable for words. In fact, if I had put his Mega Man Powered Up version up here, I’m sure my head would have exploded.

Ice Man is the Master of Cuteness in Mega Man and the obvious number-1 choice.