Bottom-10 Worst Robot Masters

It’s time to list my least favourite Robot Masters from the Mega Man games. Though I love the Robot Masters to death, there are some that are just plain stupid and/or pathetic. Either it’s their power, their name or their look. Something about them that just makes them pathetic adversaries for Mega Man to fight.

There are no Robot Masters from Mega Man 1 or 5 this time, because I honestly like that selection of Robot Masters from those games so much and of course there aren’t any from Mega Man 8, as explained on the prior list.

Mega Man 10, however, is featured in abundance and I feel deservedly. However, one guy you’re not gonna be seeing here is Sheep Man. Honestly, Sheepy has received much more hatred than he deserves, since A.) he’s not that dumb-looking and B.) his appearance, name and persona display more creativity than most of the other Robot Masters from Mega Man 10 combined. Leave Sheep Man alone!! ='(

But let’s get started now.

10. Heat Man

I do honestly love the Robot Master roster from Mega Man 2, but if there is one Master who stands out for being kinda lame, I think it has to be Heat Man .Just look at the guy, he seems like the temp for Zippo cigarette-lighter company who ended up doing street-level promotion in a sweaty and smelly costume.

Heat Man literally looks like he’s just wearing a cigarette lighter. However, I’m only having him as number-10, because while I think he looks stupid, I actually feel sort of sorry for him. He’s the second fire-themed Robot Master from the series and it was only through sheer tough luck that he got stuck with such a crappy design.

His boss-fight is actually kinda fun, if easy, and I even kinda dig his level theme music, but the level itself, I always save until I have Item-2 so I can skip most of it.

9. Nitro Man

Our first pick from Mega Man 10, Nitro Man is a robot that turns into a motorcycle to rip shit up. For some reason though I always feel like calling him “bicycle boy” (that’s a Full Throttle reference, go check it out). I feel oddly conflicted about his design, since he appears to be another vehicle based Robot Master, yet his name makes him sound like another bomb-themed robot-master and I think he’s also a bit of a fire-guy too…

Well, Nitro Man’s design isn’t too bad, though it displays a common aspect with many other Mega Man 10 Robot Masters which I’ll talk about in a bit. His transformation into a motorcycle is also kinda neat and an obvious throw-back to Turbo Man from Mega Man 7 (who turned into a race-car).

Nitro Man gets off easy because I don’t really hate his design nearly as much as I hate his level which was by far one of the most frustrating in Mega Man 10. Hell! Based on that, he should have been called Trucker Man or, personally, I think he should have been calledBikeMan.That’s another thing common with a lot of the MM10 Robot Masters, most of their names don’t make any sense.

8. Burst Man

People tend to hate on Spring Man from Mega Man 7, but if you ask me, the most annoying Robot Master from that game is unquestionably Burst Man.In essence, he’s Bubble Man 2.0, but not as much fun. Firstly, his design isn’t really anything special. Secondly, he’s a water-themed Robot Master whose fight doesn’t take place underwater (which is lame but not terrible) and his fighting arena is a veritable death-trap.

He can blow bubbles to push you up and around, the sides of the stage make you fly straight into him and just like Bubble Man, the roof of his arena is lined with spikes. The most cheap-ass and annoying technique at his disposal is trapping Mega Man in a bubble and causing him to fly up into the frickin’ spikes.

I just flat-out hate Burst Man. I would rather fight Bubble Man a hundred times than fight him even once.

7. Concrete Man

Mega Man 9’s roster of Robot Masters was pretty good, but there was one that stuck out like a sore thumb for me from the very start. Concrete Man looks like the lovechild son of Guts and Stone Man. Rarely do we see this much lack of effort from Capcom in their design of a Robot Masters.

Concrete Man looks like a generic hulk from the series. His name is lame. His coloration isn’t much better. I just have no words to describe how utterly disappointed I was to see a boss like this in Mega Man 9. Magma Man was generic, but okay. Plug Man had a horrible name, but he looked the part. Concrete Man has no redeeming or memorable qualities.

However, Concrete Man’s level was actually a lot of fun and for that I’m willing to let him out of the Bottom-5. Concrete Man isn’t a bad Robot Master because he’s horrible-looking or too difficult, he’s just plain old generic.

6. Pump Man

Pump Man just looks plain ridiculous. At least his name is pretty darn accurate, but what kind of a design is this for a Robot Master? An old-timey water-pump? Maybe if Pump Man was the mascot for a charity program to build wells in Africa, I could forgive him, but there is just one word for this sort of enemy designing… plain old retarded.

The big issue with the general level of design of the Robot Masters in Mega Man 10 was that Capcom apparently just took whatever everyday items they could find and turned them into bad-guys in a video-game. And don’t get me wrong, that sort of a thing can work for some games, but if there is a Robot Master in a Mega Man game that’s just [inanimate object] with legs, I expect to see one or two, but not an entire roster based on that principle.

Capcom, I know that after nine games you might be running out of steam for good Robot Master designs, but you could at least start by making them appear like robots… and not fucking water-pumps.

5. Dive Man

Another Robot Master design that doesn’t always work out in my view is making a Robot Master into a vehicle. Turbo Man’s a car and that’s okay, Gyro Man is a helicopter and that’s okay, Charge Man is a locomotive and that’s okay, Galaxy Man is a space-ship and that’s okay. However, a submarine was just stretching it a bit too much. I honestly don’t know what to say… Dive Man just looks plain awkward.

Maybe it’s the name, it just doesn’t have the same sort of staying power as other Mega Man 4 Robot Masters like Pharaoh Man, Ring Man, Drill Man or Dust Man.Maybe if he was called Sub Man it could have worked. Or maybe U-Man. The problem, more precisely however, is that watercraft is generally just not cool. Sailors are cool. Pirates are cool. A submarine can be cool but only when it’s avoiding depth-charges and shooting torpedoes (well at least Dive Man does the latter).

Dive Man isn’t so much bad as he is just plain disappointing. Hell, Mega Man 4 is one of few Mega Man games to have two water-themed Robot Masters and I honestly think Toad Man looks better than him. But at least his level is fun and his boss-fight is underwater… that’s at least something.

4. Strike Man

Dumbest name ever… why not Pitch Man… or Glove Man… or Catcher Man… or Ball Man… or Bat Man (I mean they already had Aqua Man). There really isn’t much to say about this guy. He’s such a bad Robot Master that I can’t even remember his name half the time. Baseball Man is just one of the absolute dumbest ideas for a boss I’ve seen.

I mean okay, if Capcom wanted a baseball themed level in their game this badly, they could have come up with just a generic sports-themed Robot Masters. It would have still been retarded but only moderately less so than what they came up for Balls Man over-here. I mean for Christ’s sake! It’s just a baseball with a pair of legs, arms and eyes.

This is lazy Robot Master designing at its finest. His attack pattern rips off Armoured Armadillo from Mega Man X and his level was probably my least favourite in Mega Man 10. Bat Man, why must you disappoint me so…

3. Plant Man

As has been addressed in the past, Mega Man 6’s roster of Robot Masters is just pretty damn weird. The one robot who receives almost near-universal derision from this game is Plant Man. And I do have to agree. He looks like Mansy the Half-Man, Half-Pansy (that’s a Conan O’Brien reference, go check it out).

I mean what can be said about Plant Man that hasn’t been said. Flower and Plant-based bosses in Mega Man games can generally go one of two ways. Either you end up with something pretty cool, like Wood Man (Mega Man 2) or Axl Rose (Mega Man X6), or something pretty lame, like Wire Sponge (Mega Man X2, and yes I know sponges are actually a type of animal – still looks like a fucking vegetable to me).

The only reason I’m not putting Plant Man any higher is that his level is actually kinda cool and I like his theme music.

2. Blade Man

It’s when I saw this Robot Master in Mega Man 10 that I honestly felt like throwing my arms up in the air and saying “I give up”. They might as well just have called him Knife Man .Even though his design has his arms being a pair of sabres, in the game he looks like three purple butter-knives glued together with legs and a pair of eyes.

The guy’s head is a frickin’ sword! You don’t do that sort of stuff unless this was a parody of a Mega Man game, which it honestly begins to feel like the further you look at the roster of characters. And may I also remind people that he appears to be a rip-off of both Slash Man (Mega Man 7) and Neon Tiger (Mega Man X3). Except Slash Man and Neon Tiger are both respectably pretty challenging bosses, Blade Man is a fucking wuss.

I hate Blade Man’s design and boss fight so much that I was willing to put him this high on the list, regardless of the fact that I actually liked his level. Sure, it was a pretty damn difficult level, but it was actually kinda fun. Blade Man just plain sucks…

1. Top Man

I think it goes without saying that Top Man is the all-time least threatening Mega Man boss. He’s a dreidle for God’s sake! As a general rule you shouldn’t try turning children’s playthings into boss characters in your games. Yeah, Top Man does suck, but I kinda like him in spite of that – maybe it’s just the fact that he’s an old Robot Master who sucks.

Okay, so his boss-fight is sort of respectable, but he’s just way too easy to beat. But his level and even his theme music are actually pretty good. It’s actually his Master Weapon that people remember perhaps more vividly than the boss himself: the Top Spin. A frickin’ pirouette which doesn’t appear to do anything outside of your fight with Shadow Man and of course, you can use it on the final boss-fight to win instantly.

Top Man is one of the weakest and dumbest looking Robot Masters in history and he more or less set the standard for all crappy Robot Masters since. Like I said, I don’t really hate him that much, but I haven’t been deluded into thinking that he doesn’t suck… because he does… a lot…

Peace out!