My Top-10 Favourite Robot Masters

So today I wanted to present my Top-10 favourite Robot Masters from the Mega Man series. Making this list was really hard because I wanted to be as impartial to any one roster of Robot Masters and as a result I ended up making quite a few lists which I will be posting over the next few days.

One honourable mention was in order because she didn’t make it on to the list but is definitely worth bringing up: Splash Woman, the first and still the only female Robot Master in the group. She didn’t make the cut but I do have to bring her up just to point out to Capcom that if they ever get around to doing Mega Man 11, we need more Robot Masters like her and less like the ones you made for 10.

You will also notice two games are notably absent from the list which are Mega Man 8 and 10. I decided to be fair and exclude any games I haven’t played and this is why Mega Man 8 got left out, because it’s not fair comparing Robot Masters from a game I haven’t played. Number 10 was left out for more obvious reasons, the fact that the whole Robot Master line-up for that game was extremely uncreative and boring. However, they will feature very prominently in my up-coming Bottom-10 of the worst Robot Masters…

10. Galaxy Man

Mega Man 9’s roster of Robot Masters wasn’t anything spectacular but there were a few really nice ones. However, I think Galaxy Man was easily my favourite. For one, he’s just flying saucer with legs, but really quirky and cute in that sense.

His attack pattern was definitely ripped off from Gravity Beetle from Mega Man X3, but at least he’s memorable and his level was quite simply my favourite from Mega Man 9.

Galaxy Man just has a nice, funny and unique quality about him that makes him stand out. It was difficult for me to choose between him and Splash Woman, but I think the fact that Galaxy Man is the most robot-like of all the Robot Masters on this list helped in my decision.

9. Freeze Man

Mega Man 7 did have quite a nice and colourful set of Robot Masters, but for some odd reason Freeze Man just stands out amongst them all. Sure, when it comes to the ice-themed Robot Masters, Ice Man from Mega Man 1 is most people’s favourites, but honestly no ice master from the Mega Man games has ever looked particularly cool (pun totally not intended).

But then we have Freeze Man. He just looks like a slick mothafucka. He’s got the face-mask, the stance and even a weird purple boomerang thingy on his forehead. Also, while I usually hate the ice levels in Mega Man games, Freeze Man’s has always been fun to play for some reason. In fact his level is even quite Christmas-y with its cheery background music and all, which even clashes a bit with his image, but he also enters the stage by breaking out of an ice crystal which is pretty darn cool (pun still not intended).

However, I do hate that he’s a Robot Master you have to fight by using a shield weapon, which is to say that you have to run into him to make it work. But Freeze Man gives me the chills in a good way and that’s why he’s on the list (okay, that was intentional).

8. Bubble Man

Mega Man 2 has by far my favourite roster of Robot Masters and I had to restrain myself from including too many names on the list. However, one who I thought definitely deserved a shout-out was the scuba-gear wearing master of the deep.

Bubble Man is just an iconic boss for me. I can’t think of Mega Man 2, without thinking about him. He has one of the best levels, best level themes and his boss-fight is also extremely fun, whether or not you have the Metal Blades. Also, Bubble Man is here to represent, since the point of this top-10 is to show that you don’t have to be the coolest Robot Master in your game to be a big hit with me.

Bubble Man isn’t quite the immortal figure of the franchise as some of the other Robot Masters on here, but I do believe he deserves recognition. Plus, I just find it hilarious that a robot would need scuba-gear.

7. Bright Man

Speaking of quirky Robot Masters, Mega Man 4 was just loaded with them. However, amongst the quirky my personal favourite has always been Bright Man.This is just a pudgy guy with a frickin’ light-bulb on his head, but that’s what makes him stand out for me.

Now technically, Bright Man is just Flash Man 2.0, meaning that he’s the time-stopping boss from Mega Man 4, but I honestly don’t care that he has one of the easier boss-fights from the game. His level is one of the stand outs for me and I just can’t help thinking of Mega Man 4 without thinking of him.

So yeah, Bright Man might not be the outwardly most interesting Robot Master, but I just really like him.

6. Cut Man

I hate myself for not leaving room on the list for two Robot Masters from Mega Man 1, but if I only get to pick one, then Cut Man is the obvious choice. He’s just the mischievous-looking type and he may be the easiest boss from the first game, but he is definitely an icon of the franchise and no mistake.

With his big, round and red head and the cut-blades atop his noggin which he uses as his weapons, Cut Man is just a really endearing figure. I particularly enjoyed him in the Mega Man Cartoon Series where he was always making cheesy jokes about cutting stuff and laughing like he thought they were comedy gold. So my love for this Robot Master goes well beyond just the game in which he appears in.

Cut Man just barely missed the cut (heh, heh) when it came to picking my Top-5, but the following picks are truly my favourite Masters. So sorry Cutsie, it was just a sheer (heh, heh) impossibility for you to make it. And I should really cut it out with the scissor jokes. (ugh)

5. Knight Man

Mega Man 6’s roster can only be described as plain weird… and even vaguely racist. Knight Man, however, stands out. The fact that he’s a robot knight is just super awesome. How do you get “super awesome”? Simple, you take one awesome thing (robots) and combine them with another awesome thing (knights) and you get super awesome. Refer to the mathematical formula below…

Awesome + Awesome = Super Awesome

You know what else is awesome? Knight Man’s stage and stage theme. He’s a robot wearing a medieval suit of armour, a shield and his attack is a spiky ball of death. I don’t know why, I just a have a thing for spiky balls of death. I especially dig the vaguely Greek design of Knight Man’s helmet.

He certainly has earned his spot in the Top-5, but there are four more Robot Masters I like even better.

4. Pharaoh Man

Mega Man 4 was the first Mega Man game I ever played and one Robot Master who was instantly scratched into the back of my mind from this game was the oddly namedPharaohMan.Sci-Fi and Ancient Egypt make for a rather odd couple, but whenever these two decide to get intimate with one-another, the end results are usually surprisingly awesome.

Pharaoh Man might have been my very first favourite Robot Master and I think he’s still really cool. Let’s think about it, he’s a mummy which is essentially a type of zombie, a robot and frickin’ Pharaoh or a King. Why did Powerslave start playing in my head all of a sudden?

If you want a really cool appearance by Pharaoh Man, check out his brief cameo in the Mega Man cartoon episode Electric Nightmare. A robot-zombie, disco master, King ofEgyptis more than enough credentials to make it in my top-5, but let’s move on to even bigger fish.

3. Spark Man

Spark Man is also another Robot Master whom I remember distinctly from the first time I played Mega Man 3. I mean, yeah, he’s on the cover but also I remember even finding him a tad scary with his long electrode arms which made his whole body sort of disproportionate. In fact, that’s the reason he’s in the top-5. Out of the classic NES Robot Masters, he’s the most robot-like.

In addition, he’s quite a challenging boss and has probably one of my all time favourite stages from any Mega Man game. Sure, now looking at him, he does appear a tad goofy, but he looks so different from any other Robot Master. I mean, what the heck is that sparky thing on his head? Why does he have a mouth on the menu but not his in-game sprite?

Spark Man is one of those Robot Masters that I consider iconic and, out of Mega Man 3’s pretty strong roster, he definitely stands out the most for me.

2. Gravity Man

Gravity Man is another damn goofy looking Robot Master who I really like. His boss-fight is definitely the most unique in the series that I know of, if not necessarily the most challenging. His design is so weird too, but that’s what makes him awesome.

Mega Man 5 is my favourite Mega Man game and picking a definite favourite Robot Master was pretty darn difficult. However, I think Gravity Man had the whole package: the best stage in the game, a catchy theme song and a memorable boss fight. Not much else you could ask for.

His power is also fun in a sadistic way, where you can send enemies falling towards the sky. That’s the stuff nightmares are made of. I really do believe Gravity Man deserves to be this high for being just super cool.

1. Metal Man

Kind of an obvious pick, but Metal Man has always just been my favourite Robot Master. Sure, he’s kinda weak and the easiest boss from Mega Man 2, but I don’t think you can honestly beat a guy who throws circular saw blades as weapon. Plus, Metal Man at least looks awesome which is another reason I like him.

Naturally, he has one of my favourite stages and my favourite stage-theme from Mega Man 2 by far. And of course, the Metal Blades are the single most useful weapon in any Mega Man game, against not only the majority of enemies in the game but a majority of the other Robot Masters as well.

Over-all, it’s may even be the image of Metal Man that I like even better than just the fact that he’s in Mega Man 2. He’s the very definition of cool and no Robot Master can ever usurp him as my favourite. Hard rockin’ heavy metal!