My Top-9 Sonic Characters

NOTE: This list was redone in 2016. Click here to view the new version.

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of my favourite game-series and it has a lot of cool characters. So I wanted to make a top-10 list of my favourite Sonic characters, but I ran into a problem. I wanted to emphasize characters from the actual games rather than the cartoons and the comics. However, after I’d come up with my pick of nine favourite characters I drew a blank.

It would have been easy for me to just pick the missing characters from one of the Sonic cartoons, but then that would have been missing the point I originally set out for this list. So, instead a top-9 it shall be…

9. Dr. Robotnik a.k.a. Eggman

Robotnik really is Sonic’s equivalent to Bowser. I just can’t imagine a Sonic game without him. Also, he has a sort of classic video-game villain feel and he certainly has a panache for turning innocent woodland creatures into robots. And personally, I don’t care whether you call him Robotnik or Eggman, either one is fine by me.

However, I couldn’t have Eggman much higher on the list because, as a villain, he’s quite pathetic. He always comes up with the most ludicrous schemes to take out Sonic that always backfire and his giant death-machines are always designed with some crippling weakness which Sonic will always take advantage of.

You may think this is a trait shared by many other video-game mad scientists, but in Robotnik’s case, these weaknesses seem almost comically intentional. Hell, I even devoted a top-10 to his most pathetic boss fights, so I think that says quite a lot. He definitely deserves to be on the list, but not any higher than this.

8. Amy Rose

I don’t think any other Sonic-character divides opinions as much as Amy Rose. People both love and hate her. I myself do like her to a degree and even think she’s an iconic figure of the franchise. I will also admit that she can be an annoying bitch at times.

Firstly, her crush on Sonic is an endearing trait and I do like it about her – but in certain instances it does start to get frustratingly stupid. Secondly, where Amy deserves major cred in my view is that she’s a female video-game character who went from being just another damsel-in-distress to being an active player in the plots of future Sonic-games.

And thirdly, she uses a giant hammer as a weapon. I just find that endlessly amusing for
some reason.

7. Tikal

Poor Tikal, this innocent Echidna girl from the past made her first appearance in Sonic Adventure. All Tikal ever wanted was for the Chao’s to be left alone to live in peace, but her ass-hat of a father wanted the power of the Master Emerald for himself and caused a massacre of Chao’s which eventually might have lead to the deaths of pretty much most Echidnas (and the creation of Chaos).

Tikal is just a tragic and sympathetic figure and I really feel sorry for her on the over-all.

She’s somehow managed to make more appearances in other Sonic-games, though I don’t really understand how. However, I liked her enough on the back of Sonic Adventure to include her on the list.

6. Shadow the Hedgehog

What can I say? I like doppelgangers. And although Sonic has perhaps had more than his fair share of them, I think Shadow actually was a pretty badass character when he first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2. He really seemed to be, for the very first time, a truly threatening opponent for Sonic to face.

Of course, later it turns out that he’s just misguided and misunderstood and more of an anti-hero than a villain. I did think it was a little stupid when they decided to give him a gun for his own solo game, but for some reason Shadow just seems like the type of guy who could actually pull that kind of a thing of.

He may not be to everyone’s liking, but I think that’s true for almost any Sonic character. Point is, I think he kicks ass and that’s why I had him on the list.

5. E-102 Gamma

Another Sonic Adventure debutant. Gamma was a robot who went renegade and wanted to free his brethren from Robotnik’s control. A single encounter with Amy Rose was enough to convince him on this path, which is another reason why I like Amy so much, because she actually inspired this character.

Personality wise, Gamma is quite a blank page but then again, he’s just a bird trapped inside a robot body. Gamma’s side-story was easily the most touching in Sonic Adventure and this is why the guy ranks so high on my list.

Gamma, we salute you.

4. Knuckles the Echidna

I just really like Knuckles for some reason. He’s just a badass who doesn’t take shit from anyone. He’s another figure who appeared villainous but later turned out to be heroic and simply mislead by Robotnik. He’s quite serious and all, but I like the fact that he’s such a stout fellow.

Having said that, Knuckles can be quite gullible. How else can you explain him getting tricked by Robotnik for a second time in Sonic Adventure. His lacking sense of humour may also turn off some because he does seem to go through life taking everything at face value.

However, I really like playing as him in almost any Sonic game and there’s an odd appeal about the guy. Also, he’s got some bitchin’ dreadlocks to boot.

3. Rouge the Bat

There aren’t too many Sonic characters you could honestly describe as being hot, but Rouge the Bat sure is. She wears skin-tight clothes and high-heels, of course she’s fucking hot. I also liked how Sonic Adventure 2 also presented her as a female bad guy you could actually play as. That alone made her quite unique in the Sonic series.

She also has an interesting personality and did perhaps later develop into a bit of an anti-hero, much like Shadow. In fact, there even seems to be something going on between her and Shadow, but also her and Knuckles. I won’t so go far as to call her a dirty slut, but it does look kind of suspicious.

There aren’t too many female characters in Sonic games to begin with so if one of them had to make the top-5, Rouge will definitely be my pick.

2. Miles “Tails” Prower

Who doesn’t love Tails, honestly? He’s just super adorable, he has two tails which allow him to fly, he’s a bit of genius and he follows Sonic where ever he goes. I’ve considered him a permanent fixture of the Sonic franchise ever since I first saw him in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Granted, Tails isn’t perhaps the most colourful personality and some of his incarnations are a tad annoying (Sonic the Movie comes to mind), but I always expect to see him whenever I play a Sonic game. He’s like Robotnik in this regard, but I like him better because he’s cute and has a funny name… Miles that is. I mean c’mon, that shit is hilarious.

Tails does truly belong in the top-5 and will always be one of my favourite Sonic characters (no matter how many times they cast him with a horrible voice-actor).

1. Sonic the Hedgehog

Well, this seems like an anti-dramatic pick for number-1, but Sonic is just a classic game character. Period. He has the charm of a Walt Disney-esque animal figure (Mickey Mouse gloves and all), but he’s also got a great attitude and of course… he’s a fucking blue hedgehog that runs at the speed of sound.

Sonic really does have a classic feel and every time I see him, it fills me with a sensation that I’m about to play something fun, fast and exciting. Hell, I even liked Sonic in the craptastic Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, though I think it helped that he was voiced by Jaleel “The Urkel” White, just as he was in the other (and much better) Sonic the Hedgehog animated series by DIC.

There really is no Sonic character who can top the blue hedgehog in my view and I think that’s to be expected. Across all Sonic-fans, he’s probably the only character from the franchise who always gets near universal approval.