Vettel vs. Button: Is the rivalry back?

One of the things I hope the Australian Grand Prix was a prelude to is the possible return of the rivalry between Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button. In 2009, Jenson Button won the driver’s championship and also helped bring the Constructor’s Championship to the Brawn GP team on its maiden season, the only time that has happened in F1 history. Vettel was the only one who could stand up to Button during the 2009 season but the unreliability of his Red Bull car ruined his chances of catching up to Button who dominated the first half of the season.

2010 was a more even season where Vettel came out on top and unfortunately Button, despite being in the top-tier of drivers and even winning two races, was well behind his own team-mate, Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber. Last season, of course, Red Bull was unstoppable and no-one seemed to be able to topple them, though Button did win three Grand Prixs.

This year, Button is off to a good start, winning the Australian Grand Prix and by a clear margin to Vettel. I hope the Red Bulls will catch up to the McLarens this year, so that we can have a truly exciting season of watching Jense and Der Seb duke it out on track. There are plenty of other great drivers on track, however, and I’m certainly looking forward to Kimi Räikkönen’s exploits in Malaysia (Kimi had a botched qualifying in Australia but was still able to drive to points).

However, I’ve been looking forward to the revitalisation of the Vettel-Button rivalry and will hope that these two will still be in the top-5, running for the championship at the end of the season.