My Top-10 Cartoon Couples

So now it’s time to shine a light on what I think are the best cartoon couples. I hope I’ve found the best possible variety of couples and for the most part I’ve stuck to actual couples. So no, Jessie and James aren’t on here even though I suspect there’s some hanky-panky going on there (they’re both transvestites, so that’s a start). No, you won’t find Fred and Daphne either, because even though it seems sort of obvious it’s never been officially seen in any of the Scooby Doo media (at least not in any of the ones I’m familiar with).

These are all legit couples.

I was tempted to include at least one same-sex couple on the list as well, but it proved to be too difficult since A.) I don’t really know any great male “gay” cartoon couples and B.) all the best lesbian couples are just in my head. I will give an honourable mention though to Konoka and Setsuna, my favourite little lesbians from Negima, but it’s even debatable if they really count as a couple.

But enough about that, let’s get on with the list…

10. Wheeler and Linka (Captain Planet and the Planeteers)

Now yes, this might be pushing it a bit – I think it was always fairly obvious that these two were an item even though it’s one of those “the girl will never admit it” type deals. Scratch that, we have photographic evidence. The relationship between Wheeler and Linka was interesting on multiple levels, not the least of which that Linka debuted as a good guy Soviet girl in an American cartoon. Wheeler and Linka are my two favourite characters from the show right after Kwame.

Now, Mati does get a lot of crap for having the lamest power of the Planeteers but Wheeler always takes crap for being a stereotype of the “ignorant” American on the eco-conscious cartoon show. Am I the only one who actually liked Wheeler because of that? He’s ignorant, but he’s not an asshole and more than once on the show he does something smart and heroic.

Linka of course was the first really positive Russian/Eastern European character depicted on American television since Chekov on Star Trek. Plus, these two were always the most hot-headed members of the group; I feel they went together well. Plus, we saw more than a few times that Linka actually cares for Wheeler as well.

9. The Question and The Huntress (Justice League Unlimited)

One of the WTF-couples on this list comes from my favourite cartoon show of recent years. The hyper paranoid, conspiracy-theorising man without a face and the vengeful vigilante made for one of the most bizarrely likeable couples on JLU. These guys even beat the Green Arrow and Black Canary in my book.

What makes this couple so weird is that it’s not even inherently obvious why the Question falls for the Huntress. Once they do get together she’s actually the more romantic one. However, their relationship was only really explored in the first season of JLU which is why I can’t put them any higher.

Oh yeah, one more thing: The Question is totally cooler than Rorschach. There, I said it.

8. Keiichi and Belldandy (Oh my Goddess!)

Here’s something different, a university student with a talent for mechanical work and racing meeting a wish-granting goddess. Keiichi Morisato and Belldandy may have gotten together by sheer accident, but their relationship is just really adorable to watch.

Sure, Belldandy does most of the awesome stuff. She is a goddess after all. But Keiichi, rather than abuse the situation where Belldandy is duty-bound to make him happy actually acts very chivalrous most of the time and tries to do the right thing.

Like many people have pointed out, their relationship doesn’t seem to develop very far and Oh my Goddess is perhaps more interesting for all the other trouble this relationship causes rather than the relationship itself, but I just find these two to be a really adorable couple.

7. Mark and Sandybell

Sandybell became one of my favourite animes when I watched it last year and the reason behind that is that it’s easily one of the best romantic drama animes I’ve seen in a long while. It’s a series with loads of tear-jerker moments and crazy drama, but it’s also extremely rewarding since it doesn’t drag its feet.

Then there’s the romantic couple in the middle: Mark, the budding artist, and Sandybell, tomboy heroine and all around awesome-spreader. Mark’s personal storyline is the beating heart of the series to be honest. His character arc is easily the most developed and full. The guy gets the crap beaten out of him before he finally realises his dream and finally goes back to Sandybell.

Sandybell herself isn’t perhaps as interesting but she also has to contend with a lot of bullshit like finding out her father isn’t really her father, that an evil rich aristocrat totally wants her man and that her mother is still alive somewhere but no-one really seems to know where.

But as much as their relationship drives the series, it’s not really its main focus and at times it even takes a backseat to a lot of the other stuff that happens. It definitely warrants its spot on the list, but I think there are far more interesting couples to get to.

6. Goofy and Sylvia (An Extremely Goofy Movie)

I tried not to have too many Disney couples on the list, but this one was too good to pass up. Goofy’s journey back to University life takes an interesting turn when he realises that he has a common interest in all things 70s with the librarian Ms. Sylvia Marpole (yeah, yeah, just go with it).

This all culminates in one of the most awesome moments in any Disney film, with Goofy and Sylvia boogying down on the dance-floor.

I mean this is just priceless, isn’t it: Goofy, one of the funniest characters from Disney, together with a hot librarian. All this just desperately made me wish there would be A Goofy Movie 3 so we could see even more of Sylvia, who is a likeable character in herself and not just a pretty face (on that note, where f*** was Roxanne from the last movie).

5. Dogtanian and Juliette (Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds)

Unless you’ve seen Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds, you probably have no idea who these two are. This is probably my second favourite cartoon from the Spanish BRB company, right after Around the World with Willy Fog. However, I think Willy Fog and Princess Romy have nothing on Dogtanian and Juliette.

For one thing, Dogtanian is just a really likeable character. Sure, he’s a bit excitable and tends to end up in trouble a lot of the time but you instantly sympathise with him and want him to succeed. Plus, he is courageous to a fault.

Juliette also kicks ass. She’s not just a damsel-in-distress, waiting for Dogtanian to come to rescue her. She’s the Queen’s confidant and always on top of things. She puts Romy to shame, since Juliette would actually take initiative and be an active player in the storyline. Now granted, she’s not actually a character from The Three Musketeers, but rather a combination of female figures from the Musketeer novels; but that considered, I think, a strong addition. She and Dogtanian just plain deserve each other.

4. Bulma and Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)

Our second WTF-couple on the list, in fact I’d say the WTF-couple of them all. Want to make a plot turn which no-one would suspect: How about getting a former villain and the series’ token slut together and form a family?

Yes, Bulma, although an important character in the very early days of Dragon Ball (sans Z), really didn’t get to contribute a lot to the later story-arcs. Also, when I said she was the series token slut, I wasn’t kidding. Until she got into her constant on-again off-again relationship with Yamcha, Bulma was hitting on practically anything with legs.

As for Vegeta, he never appeared to show any interest in anyone’s opinion on pretty much anything. He has the ego the size of a blimp and is just constantly out to prove his superiority to Goku, the series lead. However, Dragon Ball GT showed a softer side to Vegeta where it becomes evident that he’ll do anything for his daughter Bra.

So yeah, what exactly got these two together? We can only imagine, but the shock value is big enough to deserve a spot in the top-5.

3. Isaac and Miria (Baccano!)

The happy-go-lucky comic couple of the excellent (albeit at times dark and violent) series Baccano of course had to make it onto the list. Isaac and Miria like to commit crimes disguised as celebrities, fictional characters or anything that just happens to be on their mind. However, they never do anything for selfish ends and try to spread happiness where ever they go.

On that note, they aren’t the two brightest bulbs on the planet – but inherently loveable and sympathetic. They add a much-needed comedic side to Baccano and are two of my favourite characters from a show filled with excellent characters.

In fact, Baccano is filled with numerous interesting and off-the-wall couples as well, so what makes Isaac and Miria so special? I think it’s just that they’re so frickin’ funny.

2. Lupin and Fujiko (Lupin III)

Lupin and Fujiko have about as many different sides to their relationship as there are episodes in the various Lupin-cartoons. The gentleman thief and his busty on-again off-again lover are involved in all sorts of scams, heists and what have you.

Most of the time, their relationship is limited to Lupin lusting after Fujiko. At times Fujiko and Lupin will act like a true couple in love. However, Fujiko will and often has betrayed Lupin on the drop of a hat, but she’s also tried to save his hairy butt multiple times. The same is also true in vice versa.

When it comes to Lupin and Fujiko, the fun part is not knowing whether they are truly in on a scheme together or if one of them will try to double cross the other. It’s the most crazy character relationship in any cartoon I’ve seen.

1. Milo and Kida (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)

There are so many Disney couples I could have chosen from, but I think everyone who knows what my favourite Disney movie is must have seen this from a mile away. Milo is the archaeologist who desperately wanted to find the lost continent of Atlantis and Kida was its princess.

Milo is a geeky, accident prone but ultimately heroic linguist who has to grab the flying fish by the fins when Rourke decides to take the Heart of Atlantis and sell it off as a weapon. Milo may be meek but he’s got a whole lot of heart and does everything he can to do the right thing.

Kida is just plain hot and she can kick butt. Also, she wants to revive Atlantis and its culture, so she and Milo go together like peanut butter and jelly.

There are so many Disney couples where the woman is weak and helpless and the guy is handsome, masculine and entirely devoid of personality. I think Milo and Kida take the prize for the most interesting Disney pair by far.