Mortal Kombat 2 – Game Gear Review

I used to quake in fear at the thought that there could be a game worse than Virtua Fighter 2 MegaDrive for the MegaDrive. I am more than a little stunned to discover that such a game in fact exists for the Sega Game Gear…

Gameplay: 3/5 – The controls aren’t horrible, but rather sluggish and stiff. You can perform most of the special moves pretty easily, but using only two buttons for fighting makes this one feel rather boring.

Graphics: 2/5 – The graphics themselves aren’t really too bad for the Game Gear. The characters have an okay level of detail though obviously downgraded somewhat. The menus are a bit lifeless. The backgrounds have a fair amount of detail, both of them. Yes, there are only two fighting arenas in the whole game, the interior and the bridge. This is just lazy and the lack of graphic variety starts to make playing feel repetitive.

Animation: 3/5 – They’ve actually done a fair effort in trying to transfer as much of the animation into the game as possible. However, the animation is oddly choppy which isn’t really explainable even by the Game Gear’s performance power. Still, I’d say they put a bit more effort into the animation than they did to the graphics over-all.

Music: 3/5 – Considering the Game Gear hardware the music isn’t too bad. However, just like the graphics, it suffers from a lack of variety. The fighting ladder and the two arena themes are what you will be hearing most of the time. However, the music doesn’t grate my ears and somehow the 8-bit instruments actually make it sound even marginally better than the original music.

Sound: 2/5 – The audio department is quite pathetic however. There is a fair amount of sound-effects and it would be unfair to expect too much from the Game Gear technologically, but the sound effects you’ll be hearing most often are the punches and characters falling down which starts to get quite repetitive.

Replay value: 1/5 – I can’t honestly imagine someone playing this game for fun. Even for a fighting game on a handheld system it’s an unforgivably sloppy and lazy port where your only reward for finishing the game is a short bit of text as an epilogue.

Score: 47% – There are lazy ports and then there are horrible abominations. Mortal Kombat 2 on the Game Gear is the latter.