Karthikeyan’s Back and Ugly Car stories…

Narain Karthikeyan has surprisingly managed to grab himself the final free seat at HRT for the 2012 season. As a result, the driver roster for the on-coming season is set. Karthikeyan drove for Hispania Racing Team last year in the first seven races but was replaced by Daniel Ricciardo (now signed with Toro Rosso) for much of the rest of the season. Karthikeyan did get back behind the wheel for the debut of the Indian Grand Prix last year.

At HRT, Karthikeyan will join another F1 has-been, the somewhat more sympathetic Pedro De La Rosa, who’s had a long career as a McLaren test-driver as well as short stints in the current incarnation of the Sauber team. Although, I still have very little faith in Karthikeyan’s skills as a driver, its nice to see HRT for once giving a continued contract to one of their former drivers, rather than just picking someone who can bring in a lot of money, although undeniably Karthikeyan is not getting to drive for the team for nothing.

In addition, the hot topic of recent car revelations from the F1 teams has been the extremely ugly nose-designs of the current F1 cars. Both Caterham (former Lotus) and Ferrari’s cars have attracted a lot of attention for their ugly “crocodile” design noses. However, I maintain the same policy when it comes to the appearances of F1 cars that I’ve had for years: It doesn’t fucking matter. Jesus, you’d think the F1 fans around the world are a bunch of prissy little bitch princesses, the way the go on and on about how ugly the cars now look. The only thing that matters is that the car is fast and that it has a talented driver behind the wheel.

Who is Narain Karthikeyan?

Narain Karthikeyan entered F1s in 2005 in the Jordan F1 Team. With his entry, Karthikeyan became the first Indian Formula One driver in history. However, he entered the sport during the very final year of the Jordan team’s existence and during a time when the team had lost almost all of its prominence in the sport. As a result, Karthikeyan’s maiden season was unmemorable, both his and his team-mate running the back of the lot, in front of the Minardis.

Karthikeyan’s only note-worthy achievement was fourth place in the highly controversial 2005 Indianapolis Grand Prix, which was driven amongst six cars when the Michelin tyre-sponsored teams pulled out of the race due to safety concerns.

Karthikeyan stepped out of the sport for five years after the Jordan Team dissolved and became the Midland F1 Team (and through a number of other changes before becoming the current Force India team). Karthikeyan finally returned to F1s last year, after HRT fired all of their former drivers and started the season anew with Vitantonio Liuzzi and Karthikeyan. However, Karthikeyan’s results were uninspiring which is why HRT made a contract with Red Bull to allow Daniel Ricciardo drive  in his stead in preparation for his upcoming position at Toro Rosso.

However, in the India Grand Prix of 2011, Karthikeyan became the first India driver to race on his native soil.