My Top-10 Sexiest Chicks from Mortal Kombat

Oh boy! This is by far my most horrible, superficial and sexist Top-10 list so far. Just to let everyone know how bad it reflects on me. It’s also something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. Since Midway seems to have no shame in putting their female MK characters in slutty outfits anymore, why should I? Besides, I’m sure there’s going to be at least one big surprise at the end. =)

Let’s get on with the list…

10. Li Mei

Ever since Li Mei made her first appearance in MK: Deadly Alliance, it set a new standard to how little the main characters could wear before it got ridiculous. And then that standard dropped even lower with her alternate costume (honestly, Sonya actually put more clothes on in her alternate costume in the same game). Now, Li Mei is pretty and even sympathetic because almost in every single game she appears in, something bad happens to her.

However, I can’t put Li Mei too high on the list since her hotness is primarily the result of her inherently slutty outfits. That’s pretty close to cheating, even on this list…

9. Tanya

Not a lot of people necessarily remember Tanya, mainly since she was introduced in Mortal Kombat 4. However, she was not just another innocent girl next-door to fill up the black character quota in MK4. Her shock ending revealed her to be working for the forces of evil.

That’s pretty damn hot!

Apart from that she’s the only character in the series besides Scorpion and Cyrax whose trade-mark colour is yellow. However, even I don’t actually know that much about Tanya and her role in the games has always been very minimal so I can’t put her any higher in the list.

8. Sareena

Quan Chi’s main girl from Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero was apparently memorable enough to make her comeback for Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. Over-all Sub-Zero is considered the less sucky of the two late 90s MK spin-offs (the other one being Special Forces) but I never thought she looked all that hot in the original game.

However, her redesigned look is super hawt: The dash of white in her hair, the face-paint (I love women with face paint) and a frickin’ big knife. Sareena was also a fun character to play as.

But there are yet hotter chicks to get to so let’s not drag our feet…

7. Sonya Blade

I was never Sonya’s biggest fan, but she definitely is my go-to character in each MK game when I need a character who is quick on her feet. In the prior games however, she always looked like she was in gym-gear which looked more yuppie than sexy. The worst of all was that smelly baseball cap she was wearing in MK4.

However, from Deadly Alliance onward, Sonya’s outfits got much better. Her regular outfit in DA, G-string and all, was pretty damn hot. Even though her costume in MK vs. DC was almost a little too slutty for a Special Forces soldier, in MK9, she at least wore a badge even if she seemed to be wearing a vest with nothing underneath.

As for hairstyle, I have no preference really. The short hair looks good, but even with a ponytail she still looks pretty hot.

6. Kitana

Even though she’s not always too much fun play, Kitana is always a joy to look at. Ever since her introduction in MK2, this blue-clad female ninja princess has edged herself into living MK memory with her deadly metal fans. Masked or unmasked I liked her. Even in the MK movies, she was played by hands down the hottest actor, saucy Talisa Soto.

Her outfits have gotten rather impractical as of late, but since half the Mortal Kombat women fight in high heels, I suppose Kitana is a stern enough a girl to pull through.

However, she is technically spoken for (with her going-nowhere relationship with Liu Kang), so that’s why I’m not putting her in the top-5.

5.  Jade

Kitana’s ninja gal pal made her first appearance as a hidden character in Mortal Kombat II, but finally made her first full appearance in Mortal Kombat 3. She started  off as a rather stock character but what I loved about her best was that she was one of the first MK characters with a definite signature weapon, an extending metal pole.

Considering how Jade added to the ethnic variety of the MK games, one thing that was disappointing and down right puzzling was the fact that, though she is black, she was played by an Asian-American actress (Irina Pantaeva) in the God Awful Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (though admittedly she was really hot in that).

Jade finally came back to the series in Mortal Kombat: Deception, which I sadly missed, but she came back again for MK: Armageddon. Her new outfit was super-hot and her new staff put Seung Mina from Soul Calibur to shame. Although it’s nice to fantasize about Jade and Kitana’s time together in ninja training, she has never been too prominent.

4. Sindel

Before you think it’s creepy of me to put one of the main characters’ moms on this list, let me just remind you all that Kitana is over 10’000 years old herself. Case closed. Sindel did look pretty ridiculous in Mortal Kombat 3 and the skunk-stripe hair didn’t really work for me in that one.

She was also super annoying in MK: Annihilation, though it was kinda nice that she had a happy ending in that movie.

However, her new costumes and her crazy gameplay in the later MK games really won me over. Plus, if a Queen of another Realm is as hot as Sindel, I can see why Shao Kahn wanted to bring her back from the dead. She has that hot evil witch thing going which is all fine in my book.

However, even Sindel’s mature hotness is still no match for the top-3.

3. Frost

Hands down my second favorite new character from MK: Deadly Alliance (after the hilarious, fat, barfing martial-arts master Bo Rai Cho). Sub-Zero kinda dominated the colour blue as a ninja character, but by DA he was probably pushing 40 and needed something new and exciting to do besides fighting Scorpion all the time.

Enter the (ironically) super hot ice ninja disciple Frost. This one is just easy to tackle. The super-tight outfit, the icy blue make-up, the heels and that crazy frosty hairstyle. I thought she looked super smokin’ in her original outfit, but take a look at the second outfit and you’ll be flying high.

However, she did turn out to be a double-crossing bitch at the end, which was sort of disappointing.

2. Mileena

Yeah, so she happens to have a mouth full of jagged teeth. So what? Kitana’s evil clone didn’t have much appeal for me when I first saw her in MK2 originally. While I have nothing against Sais, they have never been my favorite ninja weapons and it’s almost a little cheesy to note that her trade-mark colour is pink.

Her outfits from MK4 onward have been super hot and it does seem like Midway has always been more generous with Mileena’s level of fan-service in every game.

However, it wasn’t until MK9 that Mileena finally started to have a lot of appeal for me. Previously, I had only viewed her as just another bad-guy (or girl), but MK9 finally gave her a distinct personality. She’s an utter psycho, who skips and hops cheerily into battle… and that is just really hot….

1. Sheeva

So, who wouldn’t love a woman with four arms? Sheeva was hands down (no pun intended) my favorite character from Mortal Kombat 3, since she showed for the first time that even a female character could be a “heavy”. To top it off, she’s the first playable Shokan character and it’s just really fun beating the crap out of everyone with Sheeva.

Plus, having such a strong female character is just really inspiring. Although I appreciate that MK9 went back to her more slimmed design, I didn’t really mind her being a little buff in MK: Armageddon. The only version of Sheeva I never liked was the one from MK: Annihilation.

Any way you look at it, Sheeva is just incredibly hot.