Crapcom – Because We Just Don’t Give a Crap Anymore

It’s rare for me to get steamed over anything in the gaming world anymore. Disappointed, no, but steamed very rarely. And I’m sure I am not alone on this one. Capcom already cancelled Mega Man Universe earlier this year, which was disappointing but I didn’t mind that much since there was still the prospect of getting Mega Man 5 and X on Virtual Console.

Well, the fucking VC hasn’t updated in almost a month now and then I have to read that the second sequel to the Mega Man Legends series, that’s been almost a decade in the making, has now been cancelled.

Mega Man and Legends fans, I feel your pain. As someone living in Europe, Capcom has betrayed me several times before. It seemed like they were finally making it up for it with Mega Man 9 and 10 – but now they’ve basically given a big fuck you to their Mega Man fans around the world, who’ve been expecting something new and better since MM10 turned out to be such a let down.

Will this mean I’ll never play another Mega Man game ever? Will I stop watching the Ruby-Spears cartoon and Captain N, or anything else that would remind me of the disappointment? Will I finally give up on ever reading the second volume of Mega Man Megamix? No. But Capcom have shown once again what callous money-grabbing assholes they are. They make great games, they’re just really bad at finishing them and getting them out to people who’d actually want to play them.