What is wrong with Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton has gotten himself into a lot of hot water. At the very start of the season he seemed ready to go to war with Red Bull. He was talking smack before the Monaco race, caused two retirements with his over-excited driving and then stirring up a storm about off-hand comments about his race. Hamilton has gone off the handle. He’s even threatened to leave the sport if the stewards’ decisions are threatening his style of racing.

Firstly, I have nothing against Hamilton as a driver. He is one of the best, no-one can deny that and he’s got a driver’s championship to his name to prove it. Secondly, Hamilton’s problem is that he keeps mouthing off to the wrong people at the wrong time. Alonso might be a prissy prima donna, Hamilton is just an ass. Look Lewis, accidents happen – especially on track.

If the stewards rule that you were responsible, you take your punishment like a man and don’t start pointing fingers and blaming people of racism. There was no prejudice involved with the drive-through penalty he got for bumping into Massa, Adrian Sutil received the exact same penalty earlier in the race for the same exact reason. If you’re going to start an argument, make sure that you at least have one to begin with.

The best thing Lewis can do now is get his head back in the game, concentrate on racing and not fly off the handle when things don’t go his way.