Virtual Console Wish List for 2011

I forgot to post this at the start of the year but now I feel obligated to make my make my annual wishlist for Virtual Console titles I’d really want to see in the near future:

  1. Mega Man 5, 6 and 7 (+8) – Capcom must finish what they started. Yes, I know Mega Man Universe is coming out soon but I want to see the rest of the classic series on the Virtual Console as well. Why just suddenly stop at MM4? MM5 is probably the most polished title on the NES and MM6 isn’t a bad game either. MM7 was a really fun title as well. And even though getting MM8 might be a bit of a challenge, I think Nintendo needs to do something to get it released here.
  2. Mortal Kombat II – I just recently learned that this game has been re-released… for the PlayStation Network. What!?! Not even XBLA – those Midway bastards! I’ve said it before, if Nintendo would release the SNES version of MK2 (and the Mega Drive version of MK1) they would have made the MK fans happy.
  3. NiGHTS into Dreams – I also want there to be Sega Saturn titles on the Virtual Console in the near future. And I really, really want to play the original NiGHTS.
  4. Yoshi’s Island (SMW2) – Another no-brainer. Why isn’t the best platformer for the SNES still not on the Virtual Console.
  5. Resident Evil 2 (N64) – The N64 actually had an RE game. As I’ve become so hopelessly addicted to survival horror titles I think Nintendo needs to do something to bring this one to the Virtual Console.
  6. PilotWings 64 – PilotWings for the SNES has been out for a long time now, so when is Nintendo going to get around to this one? For crying out loud! One of the best launch titles for the N64 and it’s still not out.
  7. Chameleon Twist – An obscure but really fun and cute platformer for the N64. I desperately want to get to play this game as well as the sequel which I missed out on.
  8. Duke Nukem: Zero Hour – This is an often forgotten Duke Nukem spin-off for the N64 but as I recall it was actually a decent shooter game. With Duke Nukem Forever finally getting released (and Nintendo getting shanked on the FPS front since they don’t own GoldenEye anymore) I’m thinking this would be a quick way for Nintendo to earn some quick bucks.
  9. Mischief Makers – A 2½D platformer on the N64 – and it’s from the makers of Gunstar Heroes so it has to be good. Why hasn’t this been released yet?
  10. Super Mario Sunshine – I’ve managed to lose my copy of SMS but if Nintendo would release the game as a downloadable for Virtual Console or possibly as an enhanced WiiWare release, I’d definitely play it.

In addition to this list I also would still love for there to be patches released for the WiiWare version of Tales of Monkey Island. I really, really want the bullshit to stop.