Mega Men Comic Pages 1

I have many nerdy hobbies and one of them is drawing comics. I particularly enjoy re-imagining existing characters or giving them a new twist. Mega Men is the culmination of a long unfulfilled fan-project. A super-hero comic book taking its inspiration, not too surprisingly, from Capcom’s Mega Man series.

I’ve been drawing character profiles and faux comic book covers from time to time, including two spin-off series Shadow Master, Flash-Boomerang (dealing with the solo adventures of Flash Man and Quick Girl) and Dr. Wiley’s Skull Patrol (focusing on the villains of the series). However, now I’ve actually drawn my first three pages of the comic. I’m not gonna be making a full comic but I wanted to finally put into pictures some of the pivotal scenes from the beginning of this saga that only exists in my head at the moment.

So these explain how in the comic, Captain Rocky “Rockman” Anderson loses his right arm which is later replaced by a cybernetic implant. In the plots of the comics his Mega Men team exists as a special unit comprised of four super-humans, two of whom are former felons, to stop Dr. Wiley’s plans to conquer the world.

So these three pages are only rough drafts and I don’t intend to finish the comic itself, but I will continue to illustrate certain scenes and adding them to the blog, giving you some idea of what sort of a comic I have in mind. Click on the pages to see them larger.

And finally, here’s a self-coloured version of one of the comic covers I’ve previously done. It’s a little clumsy I admit, but then again it was made with MS Paint.