Arm Cannon Buddies

"Say, do you guys know each other?"

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there to have noticed some similarities between Capcom’s Blue Bomber and Nintendo’s silent female bounty huntress. Here’s a few facts these characters share that you might find interesting.

  • Both have an arm-attached cannon as their primary weapon. No big surprise here, except Mega Man can turn either one of his arms into a cannon and then change his arm back to normal at will. However, both can charge up their cannons to fire a more powerful blast of energy than the one they’d normally fire.
  • For some bizarre reason both characters always lose their special-abilities and the helpful gadgets they acquired during their last adventure.
  • Neither one can simply duck down to dodge an on-coming projectile: Mega Man slides forward and underneath while Samus wraps up into a tiny ball.
  • Both are too heavy to swim, meaning that they’ll simply sink to the bottom of any body of water they encounter (and just to clarify: in Samus’s case this is because of her suit).
  • Both dodged an official game appearance on the Nintendo 64 but were featured in a spin-off title of some sort: Samus was in Super Smash Bros. and Mega Man’s alternate counterpart (Megaman Voulnutt) was of course the lead in Mega Man 64, the port of Mega Man Legends on the PlayStation.
  • Both have had to have turned on a former ally: Mega Man in Mega Man 7 (although Bass was never on his side to begin with) and Samus in Metroid Prime 3.
  • Both have teamed up with Captain N. Mega Man was a part of the N-Team in the cartoon series where as Samus was part of the team in the Captain N comic books (as the comic book label couldn’t afford to license Nintendo game characters made by third party companies).
  • Without having played the games you wouldn’t be able to guess the  hair colour for either one.