Beginner’s Guide & Tips to Resident Evil Remake (Wii / GameCube)

Felt it was about time to do another one of these. It’s been sitting on my hard-drive for a while now, hope people find it informative…

Before You Start:

You can choose whether to play as Chris or Jill. Also before this the game will ask you what your feelings towards playing are. Essentially this is picking a difficulty for your game.

Mountain Climbing – Normal – Basically this is the equivalent of the original difficulty level of the original PlayStation version.

Hiking – Easy – There are less zombies, they move a lot slower and are killed more easily by your normal hand-gun. Also in some places you’ll find more items.

Also there are some notable gameplay differences between the characters:

  • As Chris you’re able to carry six items at a time, as Jill you can carry eight. This means that you’ll be back-tracking to item-boxes more as Chris but even as Jill there will be occasions when you can’t carry everything you need.
  • Chris gets a lighter from the get-go while Jill gets the lock-pick and has to find a lighter later.
  • Chris has to collect Old Keys to open certain doors (they accumulate so you don’t have to worry about them taking up item-spaces). These doors are readily accessible to Jill when she uses the lock-pick.
  • Jill finds a grenade-launcher early on in the game. Chris on the other hand has to make due with the hand-gun, shotgun and (if you find it) the magnum.
  • Some of the boss-fights are a little different. In Jill’s case the boss fights are always a little easier due to better weapons and the fact that usually a character shows up conveniently to assist you. Also, you can kill Plant 42 by preparing J-VOLT as Jill but not as Chris.
  • Both Chris and Jill use daggers as defense items. Chris also uses flash grenades, he shoves them in the enemy’s mouth which confuses them for a while. After that you can take some distance and one shot will cause the grenade to blow up the head of the enemy (if you’re too close you’ll sustain damage as well). Jill’s second defense item is a battery-back/electric shocker. The daggers and the shockers only kill an enemy if it has already sustained a lot of damage. Oh, and don’t worry, defense items don’t take up inventory space.

Main Survival Tips:

  • Though many walkthroughs tell you to avoid killing zombies at the beginning of the game, if you have no choice, getting rid of the zombies for the time being is usually advisable. However, you should always dispose of the bodies as soon as possible or they will come back to life as Crimson Heads later (usually after you’ve found a mansion key).
  • If you really need to get by a zombie in a tight spot without using up ammo, run to the zombie and use a defense item.
  • The best way to get rid of zombies is by destroying its head. In the case of crawling zombies let them bite your leg (but only if you’re in good health) and Chris/Jill will crush the head. Once you get the shotgun you can wait for a zombie to get close, aim high and blast the head; you can also do this with a regular hand-gun sometimes when a zombie is heading upstairs. The Magnum will often cause a zombie’s head to explode.
  • At the very least, once you find the kerosene bottle, go burn the zombie-corpses from places where you know you’re going to be walking a lot (the corridors leading to save-rooms for instance). The kerosene canisters that you use to fill up the bottle will run out eventually but they should be enough to burn most of the corpses in your path. And remember that as Jill you’ll have to find the lighter first (it’s in the upstairs office close to the East-side save-room).
  • Don’t carry ink ribbons around! Whenever you find some, head for the nearest item-box and stash them away. Ink ribbons will take up unnecessary space in your inventory. You should always have at least 2 item boxes empty (more on this in Item Management).
  • Pick up green herbs only when you need to quickly raise your health. Save your First Aid Sprays for when you are seriously injured and stash as many as you can in the item-boxes. Combining herbs makes their effects stronger and conserves item-space if you want to carry them around.
  • First Aid Kits need to be opened (use Examine and press A when you’re looking at the top of the cover) to get the items inside.
  • If you’re running low on health and health-items head for the herbs on the second floor balcony (as Jill) or to the West-side save-room as Chris (after you’ve found Rebecca).

Item Management:

You should always have at least two item slots free but even then you’ll often find helpful little items that are going to take up item-slots. Sometimes you’ll just have to leave items behind and you should if you’re just exploring rooms and haven’t quite gotten around everywhere. A room where you’ve left an item will be highlighted with a pinkish colour on the map screen so you’ll know if you haven’t found everything in that room.

If you have plenty of ammo then you can ditch your survival knife. However, you should always carry two guns (or a gun and a knife) with you at all times, and extra ammo for at least one of them. Carrying only three items is especially useful for when you’re playing as Chris. Also as Jill, while you have two item-spaces more, if you’re going to burn zombies you’ll always lose two item-spaces (one for the kerosene, one for the lighter).

If you want to carry something extra with you, take a green herb or a first aid spray. These are expendable and will free up item-spaces if you need them. Most of the time, especially in the beginning, you’ll be hauling around a mansion key. Try to find all the doors it unlocks so you can then throw it away.

Main Goals (Contains Spoilers):

In case you’re stuck here’s some helpful tips as to what you’re supposed to do.



Important Items: The three Mansion Keys, Four Death Masks, Metal & Stone Item

Enemies: Zombies (Crimson Heads), Dogs, Bee (harmless), Plant

Bosses: The Snake and Mega Crimson Head.

There are three keys you need to collect that’ll open most of the doors on the first and second floor. The last key leads you to the battle with a giant Snake. Collect the four Death Masks and use them in the crypt at the Mansion’s backyard to do battle with the Mega Crimson Head.



Important Items: The crank (also the Magnum if you have the Wind Crest)

Enemies: Dogs, Zombies, Snakes (will poison)

Bosses: No real boss but you’ll run into Lisa Trevor for the very first time.

A short section where you have to find the crank in order to drain the pool. You’ll run into Lisa  Trevor for the first time but instead of fighting her run away (you can’t kill her anyway). If you found the Wind Crest in the mansion, use it on the graves leading up to the cottage to find the Magnum.



Important Items: Last Mansion Key

Enemies: Zombies, Giant Spiders, Bees, Sharks

Bosses: Shark (not really a boss per se), Plant 42

A creepy residence where you’ll find giant spiders, big ass bees, mutant sharks and a dangerous plant. Your mission is to find the keys to all the doors in the residence and either battle Plant 42 for the final Mansion Key or use J-VOLT on its roots to avoid the fight altogether.



Important Items: Battery, Metal Object, First MO Disc, Wolf and Hawk Medals

Enemies: Hunters, Zombies (Crimson Heads)

Bosses: Snake – Round 2

With the last key you’ll open up the remaining rooms and discover important items for clearing a path to the end. Find the Metal Object which is the first part of a key to lead you into the basement. The Wolf and Hawk Medals will be important later on. You can also find the first of three MO Discs which will be important to get the best possible ending. The Battery is the item you need to get into the Caves.



Important Items: Stone plate (use with Metal Object to make a key)

Enemies: Hunters, Giant Spiders

Bosses: The Mother Spider, (you’ll run into Lisa Trevor again)

Head down to the underground tunnels to find the last piece of the Basement Key.



Important Items: None

Enemies: None

Bosses: Lisa Trevor

Once you have both Stone & Metal Items use them to head down to the basement for a final showdown with Lisa Trevor.



Important Items: MO Discs, Fuel Tank

Enemies: Zombies, Insect Things

Bosses: Tyrant

The Laboratory is where the final showdown will take place. Find the remaining MO Discs and use them to free your S.T.A.R.S. compatriot near the end. Restore power to the elevator and use it to head down to find the truth to these strange events.